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Fine Silver

  1. The rigsdaler species contained 4 ⁄ 37 of a Cologne mark of fine silver (i.e, 9¼ risgdsler species equaled one Cologne mark).


  1. The rixdollar note was supposed to correspond to "one Cologne mark of fine silver", that is, 233.85 grams, and to be freely redeemable for silver in 1819.
  2. In 1754, the Conventionsthaler was introduced, containing one tenth of a Cologne mark of silver.


  1. This was fine for Tirol, but much of Europe was accustomed to measuring by the more widely used Cologne mark. (Web site)

Cologne Mark

  1. One standard introduced by Prussia was the Reichsthaler, which contained one fourteenth of a Cologne mark of silver.
  2. One standard was the Reichsthaler, which contained one ninth of a Cologne mark of silver. (Web site)
  3. These Guldengroschen are reduced in weight to 29.2g so as to be minted at eight coins to the Cologne mark.


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