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  1. A computer printer is a device which records computer output to paper. (Web site)


  1. Computer printer using a laser beam that generates an image, then transfers it to paper electrostatically. (Web site)
  2. A line matrix printer is a computer printer that is a compromise between a lineprinter and a dot matrix printer.
  3. The Sony PictureStation DPP-EX50 is a dye-sublimation computer printer manufactured by Sony and is used for printing photographs.
  4. Repair company specializing in the desktop computer printer environment.
  5. Their speed claims may be two or three times faster than what you'll get from a computer printer installed in your office. (Web site)

Computer Printers

  1. The main article for this category is Computer printer.
  2. The world's first computer printer was a 19th century mechanically driven apparatus invented by Charles Babbage for his Difference Engine.
  3. The Diablo 630 was a daisy wheel printer ( computer printer) sold by the Diablo Data Systems division of the Xerox Corporation. (Web site)
  4. Compaq Computer Printer - Find and Compare prices on compaq computer printer at


  1. Inkjet printers are a type of computer printer that operates by propelling tiny droplets of liquid ink onto paper.
  2. If the photos and graphics you're printing are mostly for in-house use, select a basic inkjet computer printer. (Web site)


  1. Suppliers of bulk refill recharge ink for computer printer and facsimile ink cartridges. (Web site)
  2. Computer printer ink costs add up quickly with just basic business use. (Web site)
  3. Ink jet printers are the most common type of computer printer for the general consumer. (Web site)


  1. Canon BJC-210 - The Canon BJC-210 is a computer printer which uses color inkjet technology to print. (Web site)
  2. A digital minilab is a computer printer that uses traditional chemical photographic processes to make prints from digital images. (Web site)


  1. This measurement is often referred to as dots per inch, though that measurement more accurately refers to the resolution of a computer printer.
  2. Computer printer that produces each character individually by printing a pattern, or matrix, of very small dots.


  1. Provider of computer printer parts, supplies and accessories.
  2. Manufacturers and distributors of computer printer supplies. (Web site)

Computer Printer

  1. A character matrix printer or dot-matrix printer is type of computer printer with a print-head that runs back and forth on the page.
  2. Page printer - A page printer is a type of computer printer that prints a page at-a-time.
  3. The dot-matrix printer was a popular low-cost personal computer printer. (Web site)
  4. The new IBM 1132 printer is the lowest-cost on-line computer printer ever announced by IBM. It rents for $275 a month. (Web site)
  5. Canon BJC-6000 - The Canon BJC-6000 is a computer printer that uses color inkjet technology to print. (Web site)


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