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  1. Also conserved is the vector length (Minkowski norm), which is the rest mass.

Conserved Regions

  1. In fact, such noncoding enhancer elements are the most highly conserved regions of the human genome [ 4].
  2. Using primers within conserved regions of the genes mat1-1-1, mat1-1-2, mat1-1-3 (indicative for a MAT1-1 mating type locus, Fig.

Fundamental Conserved

  1. Electric charge is a fundamental conserved property of some subatomic particles, which determines their electromagnetic interactions.


  1. Since the total angular momentum is conserved, the orbital angular momentum must be changed in magnitude or direction or both.
  2. In this scattering process, the energy (and therefore the wavelength) of the incident photon is conserved and only its direction is changed.


  1. Part B Angular momentum about the center of the planet is conserved.
  2. Since momentum must be conserved, the planet slows in its orbit by a tiny amount.

Weak Interactions

  1. Each flavor defines a quantum number which is conserved under the strong interactions, but not the weak interactions.


  1. The proton is therefore taken to be a stable particle, and the baryon number is thus assumed to be conserved.


  1. Infectious bronchitis virus (IBV) 3b protein is highly conserved among group 3 coronaviruses, suggesting that it is important for infection.

Rigid Body

  1. Angular momentum is conserved if no external moments act on the rigid body.


  1. Quantum numbers describe values of conserved numbers in the dynamics of the quantum system.
  2. Each quantum number specifies the value of a conserved quantity in the dynamics of the quantum system.
  3. The Yang-Mills interaction picture seems to completely neglect physical dynamics of how the energy of exchange bosons is conserved.


  1. About half of the homocysteine formed is conserved by remethylation to methionine in the "methionine cycle" [Finkelstein, 1984a].
  2. Thus, whatever methionine is available is conserved for the vital methylation reactions in the nerves, brain, and elsewhere.


  1. In fact, certain amino acid sequences in the enzymes used to oxidize ethanol are conserved all the way back to single cell bacteria[ 1].
  2. Such conserved sequence motifs can be used in conjunction with structural and mechanistic information to locate the catalytic active sites of enzymes.
  3. As a signature pattern, we selected a conserved region in the central part of these enzymes.


  1. The condition that the momentum is conserved is exactly the condition that the boundary of the k-valued weighted graph is zero.
  2. Now lets assume that there are no sinks and sources in the system, that is mass is conserved, so this term is zero.
  3. Notice that, as seen in S, the total classical momentum is actually zero before and after the collision; so it is certainly conserved.


  1. In the absence of an external torque, angular momentum is conserved.
  2. The absence of the trisaccharide is intriguing in view of the fact that it was found to be otherwise conserved in all Bordetella strains analyzed.
  3. Kinetic energy (approximately half mass times squared velocity) is conserved in the absence of forces.

Sequence Analysis

  1. Sequence analysis reveals that the different domains of BNIP3 have been conserved throughout evolution.


  1. As pairs of quarks interact, they constantly change their color, but in such a way that the total color charge is conserved.

Atomic Number

  1. Note that an alpha particle is a helium nucleus, and that both mass number and atomic number are conserved.


  1. They also are conserved quantities, so long as the system is closed.


  1. As noted earlier, the total momentum will be conserved; however, the actual distribution of momentum within the system may change.
  2. Conserved. A quantity is said to be conserved if under specified conditions it's value does not change with time.
  3. You may neglect any change in the comet's mass and assume that its angular momentum about the Sun is conserved.


  1. In mass, the entropy of light is converted to and conserved as the gravitational field of mass.


  1. When no torque acts on a system, the angular momentum of the system is conserved.


  1. SBDS encodes a highly conserved, novel protein of unknown cellular function with homologs from archaea to mammals.


  1. When balancing a nuclear reaction, mass and charge are conserved.


  1. In these reactions, rest mass is not conserved, although (as in any other reaction) energy (E=mc²) is conserved.
  2. In these reactions, rest mass is not conserved, although (as in any other reaction), mass-energy is conserved.
  3. Lepton Number is a conserved quantity, meaning that in reactions the number of leptons initially balances those finally.


  1. This way of talking is the consequence of our difficulty to understand that mass is not conserved.
  2. One consequence of being a completely integrable system is that one has a large number of conserved quantities.


  1. The two amino acid differences in the conserved proteins (ORF1b and N) between the waterbuck (Bovidae family) and sambar deer (Cervidae family) CoVs (Fig.
  2. The SMC family of proteins is conserved in eukaryotes, archaea, and bacteria, and it is known to play a key role in chromosome organization and segregation.
  3. We have analyzed how a set of proteins involved in mating-type silencing and the telomere position effect in S. cerevisiae were conserved in hemiascomycetes.


  1. The mass of the universe is conserved in the form of energy, the energy fueling the clusters expansion.
  2. The quantity of electric charge, the amount of positive charge minus the amount of negative charge in the universe, is always conserved.
  3. To find this ratio, we assume that the entropy of the universe was approximately conserved by the electron-positron annihilation.


  1. Lie groups are of fundamental importance in physics: Noether's theorem links continuous symmetries to conserved quantities.


  1. Specifically if the force is always directed along the position vector,, the torque vanishes and the angular momentum is conserved.
  2. The inverse-square law generally applies when some force, energy, or other conserved quantity is radiated outward radially from a source.
  3. Angular momentum is conserved (in the absence of an outside force).


  1. Energy and the laws of motion In classical mechanics, energy is a conceptually and mathematically useful property since it is a conserved quantity.
  2. Continuity Equation Continuity Equation When a fluid is in motion, it must move in such a way that mass is conserved.
  3. It thus appears that there is some numerical measure of an object's quantity of motion that is conserved when you add up all the objects within a system.


  1. On the other hand, the number of fermions is conserved in this case.
  2. This quantity is then conserved even in the case of variable refractive index.
  3. Even more precisely, while the sequence and the location of X-boxes for dRFX target genes are conserved, this is not the case for negative control genes.


  1. We first derive the continuity equation which is a statement of the fact that mass is conserved.
  2. Pauli based his prediction on the fact that energy and momentum did not appear to be conserved in certain radioactive decays.
  3. The energy is the thing that is conserved as a consequence of the fact that time is homogenous - i.e.


  1. Amino acid analysis of flagellin shows that the carboxy and amino termini are well conserved between Salmonella and other gram-negative bacteria.


  1. Remarkably, genes that are involved in BBS and conserved in both organisms are regulated by RFX proteins.
  2. Known BBS proteins were compared with the translated genomes of model organisms to identify a subset of organisms in which these proteins were conserved.
  3. Several of these changes were in highly conserved regions and are similar to those that cause sulfa resistance in other organisms.


  1. Atoms are the fundamental building blocks of chemistry, and are conserved in chemical reactions.
  2. Thus, the number of atoms of each element is not necessarily conserved in a nuclear reaction.


  1. Bosons are not conserved - for example, billions of photons are created every time you turn on a light, and disappear when they are absorbed by atoms.
  2. Because momentum is conserved, in the plane perpendicular to the beam, these photons should come out in opposite directions.


  1. For momentum must have an objective reality independent of each observation if momentum is conserved absolutely.

Conserved Quantities

  1. Energy and momentum are conserved quantities; rest mass is not.
  2. Quantum numbers describe values of conserved quantities in the dynamics of the quantum system.
  3. The rotational kinetic energy and the angular momentum are constants of the motion (conserved quantities) in the absence of an overall torque.


  1. It allows researchers to determine the conserved quantities from the observed symmetries of a physical system.
  2. She writes about symmetries and Noether's laws, conserved quantities, and about time-dependent backgrounds.
  3. Thus, symmetries like parity are conserved for the strong interactions.


  1. The ribosomal frameshifting is a sensor and effector of an autoregulatory circuit which is conserved in animals, fungi and protists.
  2. In lower forms of fungi (yeasts), 4 P450 families (CYP51, 52, 53 and 61) have been characterized, of which CYP51 and 61 are conserved.
  3. Sequence analysis reveals that the domain architecture of tRNase Z L s is highly conserved among fungi and metazoa.


  1. NPS2 is also conserved among diverse species of fungi, including ascomycetes and basidiomycetes (18).
  2. Basidiomycetes and Oomycetes), but these sequences are too conserved in some Ascomycetes and related moulds.
  3. This mating type-specific, high-mobility-group, DNA-binding domain is highly conserved among the Ascomycetes.


  1. It states that the total amount of energy in an isolated system remains constant over time (is said to be conserved over time).
  2. In some problems, a component of angular momentum is conserved, and in these cases, the corresponding component of areal velocity is constant.
  3. Charge is a conserved quantity; the net electric charge in a closed physical system is constant (see conservation laws).


  1. Note that the sum of the diagonal elements is conserved; this is the signature of the metric [ +2 ].
  2. The total energy in this case is the sum of the kinetic and gravitational potential energy, and is conserved.
  3. The sum of the two, or the axial component of total angular momentum, is conserved in a cylindrically symmetric trap.


  1. Since its total energy is conserved, the magnitude of the kinetic momentum of the particle doesn't change according to the above equation.
  2. This implies that angular momentum is a conserved quantity as long as there is no net torque applied to the particle.
  3. Conserved quantities such as baryon number and lepton number are further types of "charges" that are reversed for particle and antiparticle.


  1. The angular momentum of rigid bodies is conserved; thus, a spinning sphere will continue to spin unless acted on by an outside force.
  2. When one takes this into account, the spin and angular momentum are no longer conserved, which can be pictured by the electron precessing.
  3. In matter, light's symmetries are conserved by charge and spin; in spacetime, by inertial and gravitational forces.


  1. Since the tauonic lepton number is conserved in weak decays, a tauon neutrino is created when a tauon decays to a muon or an electron.
  2. This corresponds to the fact that angular momentum is conserved in the motion of the electron around the nucleus.
  3. Momentum is also a conserved quantity, but it is not particularly appropriate for classifying the states of the electron in a hydrogen atom.

Potential Energy

  1. Energy can change from one form (heat, chemical, nuclear, potential energy) into another but is always conserved.
  2. In the reference frame of the planet, the sum of kinetic energy and potential energy is conserved.


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