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Homotopy Theory

  1. Homotopy theory is the study of continuous deformation of topological spaces ("continuous" spaces).

Trefoil Knot

  1. Any continuous deformation of the curve above is also considered a trefoil knot. (Web site)

Study Objects

  1. Since topologists are not concerned with the geometric measurements of objects, people often say that they study objects up to continuous deformation. (Web site)

Coffee Mug

  1. A continuous deformation between a coffee mug and a donut illustrating that they are homeomorphic. (Web site)

Continuous Deformation

  1. A continuous deformation (homeomorphism) of a coffee cup into a doughnut (torus) and back.
  2. Elementary introduction A continuous deformation (homotopy) of a coffee cup into a doughnut (torus) and back. (Web site)
  3. But there does not need to be a continuous deformation for two spaces to be homeomorphic — only a continuous mapping with a continuous inverse. (Web site)


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