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  1. The Con Mine was the most impressive gold deposit and its development created the excitement that led to the first settlement of Yellowknife in 1936-1937.
  2. Con Mine is within the Kam Group which is part of the Yellowknife Volcanic Belt.
  3. The Con Mine was a large gold mine located in the Northwest Territories, at Yellowknife.
  4. The Con Mine is a closed gold mine located adjacent to the city of Yellowknife, NWT in northern Canada.


  1. For example, the Con Mine closed in November 2003 after 65 years in operation.


  1. It also resulted in new discoveries at the Con Mine, extending the life of the mine greatly.


  1. Con Mine entered production in 1938 and ceased operations in 2003.


  1. Temperatures rise 20 to 30 degrees per kilometre of depth, said Ghomshei, and the Con mine reaches down 2.5 kilometres.

Gold Bars

  1. Con Mine produced over 10,000 gold bars in 65 years of operation.


  1. Miramar also announced the deposit of the proceeds from the sale of the Bluefish power plant into reclamation trusts for the Con Mine.

Con Mine

  1. Miramar is proud to have commissioned and funded the book as a dedication to the Con Mine and to the City of Yellowknife.
  2. This incident does not affect the production of gold from the free milling operations at the Con Mine.


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