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  1. The core curriculum is a high-tech state-of-the-art curriculum package.
  2. The Core Curriculum is the cornerstone of a Columbia education.
  3. The core curriculum is an individualized, Biblically-based, character-building curriculum package.
  4. A core curriculum is emphasized at the elementary school level.
  5. The core curriculum is an overview of the subject and is suitable for students who are expected to achieve grades C to G. (Web site)

Core Curriculum

  1. Teaching medical ethics and law within medical education: a model for the UK core curriculum.
  2. The core curriculum at the Thomas More College of Liberal Arts is a paideia that is transformative of the person.
  3. We offer free public meditation, a core curriculum of Buddhist and Shambhala teachings, as well as training in advanced contemplative practices.
  4. No core curriculum or syllabus will be provided by the national Department of Education for the ABET learning areas.
  5. All students must complete the core curriculum. (Web site)


  1. Students employ intellectual skills emphasized within the core curriculum, in order to address ethical problems relevant to their majors and careers.
  2. A copy of the CORE Curriculum is located in the Appendix for Elementary Education Majors. (Web site)

General Education

  1. Together, these are the classes known as the Core Curriculum or general education requirements.
  2. The Honors Core Curriculum is a distinctive general education curriculum taken during the freshman and sophomore years. (Web site)

Additional Information

  1. Visit the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board for additional information about state guidelines for the core curriculum.

Developed Countries

  1. By the twentieth century mathematics was part of the core curriculum in all developed countries.


  1. The Way of Shambhala is the core curriculum offered at the Shambhala Center.

Efficient Way

  1. The courses listed in parentheses are recommended as the most efficient way to satisfy both Core Curriculum and Major Requirements at UT Dallas.


  1. All undergraduates take religious studies, theology, and philosophy courses as part of their core curriculum.
  2. MIT has an extensive core curriculum required of all undergraduates called the General Institute Requirements (GIRs).


  1. The Health Occupations Core Curriculum was instituted at El Centro College in Fall 1998 with five programs adopting the curriculum.


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