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  1. A corset is the opposite of a camisole.
  2. A corset is a foundation garment which is stiffened, usually with bone, possibly elasticized, and laced in the back.
  3. Corset: A fitted garment usually with boning designed to cinch the waist and lift the breasts.
  4. A corset is a closefitting garment that is worn to support and shape the upper body.
  5. A corset is a closefitting garment that gives the wearer an alluring hourglass shape.


  1. Originally, bodice referred to a tight-fitting corset that was worn laced-up over a blouse.
  2. Dress reformers also promoted the emancipation waist, or emancipation bodice, as a replacement for the corset.


  1. The custom fitted interior corset is used as the form onto which the bodice is draped and the skirt is attached.
  2. View our full selection of Convertible Bras Corset - A corset is a highly structured, form fitted support garment that extends from the bust to the hip. (Web site)


  1. Jacobs sold the patent and business to Warner Brothers Corset Company for $1,500. (Web site)
  2. Some tightlacers call the corsets they wear training corset s.
  3. Before you make any outer garments, make your corset and then take your measurements while wearing it.
  4. This corset is shown in detail on page 47 and 112-113 of Janet Arnold's Patterns of Fashion 1560-1620 and in Jutta Zander-Seidel's book Textiler Hausrat. (Web site)


  1. Corset also comes with matching thong panty.
  2. Corset Top & Mini Skirt: Sexy corset mini skirt set with mock corset styling on the crop top and matching low rise mini skirt.


  1. Manufacturer of underwear and lingerie such as corset, briefs and body suit. (Web site)
  2. Originally an item of lingerie, the corset has become a popular item of outerwear in the fetish, BDSM and goth subcultures.
  3. Lingerie can refer to various garments including babydoll, a teddy, a Basque, a corset, a negligee, a peignoir or a robe.


  1. Darque Under Bust Corset Dress: Under bust corset dress with hook and eye lace up detail in the front and back.
  2. Corset has ribbon and lace trim. (Web site)
  3. Corset Dress in Wet Look Lycra laces up in the front.


  1. A corset may also include garters to hold up stockings (alternatively a separate garter belt may be worn for that).
  2. Like all surface piercings, long pippy stocking most corset piercings as part of modern orthopaedic surgery.


  1. This later became used for a military breast plate, and later for a type of woman's corset. (Web site)
  2. These stays were often stiffened in the 1750s and 1760s, when they became known as the corset.

Plus Size

  1. The plus size corset comes with adjustable straps, garters and includes matching G-string.
  2. Our plus size corset comes in deep mauve, royal blue and silver.

Up Back

  1. Leather Corset with side detail has boning with lace up back. (Web site)
  2. Leather Corset has adjustable shoulder straps and lace up back. (Web site)
  3. Stretch lace corset has underwire padded cups, hook & eye front, adjustable shoulder and garter straps.

Long Pippi

  1. A shorter kind of corset, long pippi stocking which covers the waist circumference.
  2. In the past, pippi long stocking a womans corset was popularised by Inez GachesSarraute, long pippi stocking a corsetier with a large headdressm 150203.


  1. This corset forced the torso forward and made the hips protrude.
  2. A corset encloses the torso, usually extending from the under the arms to the hips.


  1. These were the corset, the farthingale or hoop skirt, and the ruff.
  2. Lacing the farthingale to the corset eliminates shifting, makes the whole garment move better and is more comfortable (in my opinion). (Web site)


  1. A new development of the period was an early form of the corset that emphasized the female figure.
  2. For women, during this time period, the corset and farthingale, known as underpinnings, are what give the body the proper period shape.


  1. The corset's popularity was withstanding and lasted over 350 years, with whalebone being replaced by steel rods. (Web site)
  2. The roots of the corset can be traced back early 1700 BC. However the gain popularity during the Victorian Era.

Leather Corset

  1. Leather Corset includes detachable garters and g-String panty.
  2. Leather Corset with Buckles has boning and front Zipper opening. (Web site)


  1. Corset prom dresses, hobble corset, girdles and corsets, corset slave.
  2. The corset fell from fashion in the 1920s in Europe and America, replaced by girdles and elastic brassieres, but survived as an article of costume.

Th Century

  1. From the 16th century onwards, the undergarments of wealthier women were dominated by the corset, which pushed the breasts upwards. (Web site)
  2. The corset remained popular with aristocratic women well into the 19th century, when the design was modified to fit much more tightly.
  3. It is confused with the corset; normally loose and flowing, often sleeveless, or with short wide sleeves, it disappeared at the end of the 14th century. (Web site)


  1. Sometimes the straps are attached to the lower edge of a corset or camisole top.
  2. Basically it-s a set that consists of a bra, corset or camisole top.
  3. Manufacturer and exporter of ladies underwear including brassiere, brief, camisole, and corset.
  4. The usual undergarment was a combination, a camisole with attached knee- or calf-length drawers, worn under the corset, bustle, and petticoat. (Web site)
  5. Some 'bras' of the early 1920s were little more than camisoles, and they or a chemise were often worn in place of the now-aging corset or the newer bra.


  1. Over a chemise and corset women wore a gown with a V neck and a long, flowing train; the front of the skirt was often tucked into the high-waisted belt. (Web site)
  2. Hooks and Eye Fastener: A closure or fastener used to secure bras, corset, some shapewear and other garments that allows for adjustability.
  3. Leather Corset with Frog Hook and eye front closure. (Web site)
  4. Princess line corset has supportive boning, lace-up front and hook side closure.
  5. Flirty Lingerie's Old Fashion Corset has slimming nip in waist boning,metal placket front closure,lace-up back,6 removeable,adjustable garters.


  1. The diminished waist and tight corset reduce the volume of the torso. (Web site)
  2. After 1815 women, emphasizing their fragility, achieved an hourglass shape with an extremely tight corset. (Web site)


  1. Its name is derived from the very rigid, straight busk inserted in the center front of the corset. (Web site)
  2. Boning Rigid supports sewn vertically into a bustier or corset that help to maintain a slim, shapely look about the torso.


  1. These revivals focus on the corset as an item of outerwear rather than underwear.
  2. These early hose were fitted to the most popular corset was exaggeratedly curvaceous rather than for Playboy.


  1. Meanwhile, some women readopted the corset once again, now called the waspie for the wasp-shaped waistline it gave the wearer.
  2. A waspie is much shorter (comes only to above the hip bones), lacks bra cups, and is more heavily boned in the traditional corset style. (Web site)


  1. The dress is lined with a deeper pink silk faille and interior corset and layers of crinoline.
  2. Includes: Princess satin corset style dress with attached apron, crinoline, and checkered leggings. (Web site)


  1. Herminie Cadolle devised the a garment called the Bien-Etre (meaning well-being), which connected with sashes over the shoulders to the corset in back. (Web site)
  2. It appeared in a corset catalogue as a two-piece undergarment, which she originally called the corselet gorge, and later le bien---tre (or 'the well-being').


  1. However, most corset wearers own a bustier or two for evening wear; they do not tightlace.
  2. The corset no longer ended at the waist, but flared out and ended several inches below the waist.
  3. In the 1830s, the artificially inflated shoulders and skirts made the intervening waist look narrow, even with the corset laced only moderately. (Web site)
  4. The Victorian and Edwardian corset differed from earlier corsets in numerous ways.
  5. As tight waists became fashionable in the 1820s, the corset was again boned and laced to form the figure. (Web site)


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