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  1. Cynthia Robinson was the first black female trumpet player in pop music. (Web site)


  1. Her daughter, Lisa Stone, is now singing with Vet Stone and Cynthia Robinson in a Sly & the Family Stone tribute band.


  1. Stone then formed The Stoners in 1966 which included Cynthia Robinson on trumpet. (Web site)

Rose Stone

  1. Riding the rhythm were the punchy horn lines of Jerry Martini on sax and Cynthia Robinson on trumpet, not to mention the solid keyboard work of Rose Stone.

Cynthia Robinson

  1. The band includes Cynthia Robinson and Rose Stone 's daughter Lisa Stone among its members, and is being produced by Sly Stone.
  2. After the Grammy performance, Rose Stone, Cynthia Robinson, and Jerry Martini decided the time was right for a reunion tour.
  3. Adopting the stage name "Sly Stone," he then formed "The Stoners" in 1966 which included Cynthia Robinson on trumpet. (Web site)


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