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  1. The buses are the PC's expressways.
  2. Buses are a future solution rooted in the past.
  3. Buses are also under speed constraints as well.
  4. The buses are the nerve system of the motherboard.
  5. Buses are available in various sizes and configurations.


  1. For those interested in UK buses, visit our sister site, British Model Buses.
  2. The Greater Manchester Transport Museum site is worth visiting, especially if you're into old north west English buses. (Web site)


  1. Mercedes low-floor buses, numbered in the 4000 series. (Web site)
  2. Mercedes Citaro low-floor buses, numbered in 4100 series. (Web site)
  3. Buses run from 6.30am until 8.30pm, with some routes continuing until 12.30am from Monday to Saturday.


  1. All buses and PCC Streetcars are compatible with 0 gauge trains (1:50 Scale).
  2. Representatives of disability organisations are consulted on all aspects of the design of new buses, trains and station facilities.


  1. Supplies auto-shop equipment for fixing cars, buses, and trucks.
  2. Trucks, buses, tippers, garbage trucks, recovery vehicles, cargo trucks etc.
  3. German Parts Warehaus - New and used Volkswagen parts for VW cars buses vans.
  4. I am a bus rider, and I can see why seat belts would be good in school buses.
  5. Seat belts in cars, trucks and buses will work if it is a law to keep passengers safe.


  1. Below is TART's schedule of buses and shuttles.
  2. Buses don't have the "sex appeal" of trains and light rail.
  3. Unlimited travel on all Sydney Buses, regular commuter services.
  4. Several different types of buses are used on Apple Macintosh computers.
  5. The company then increases the prices of buses and subway cars through the roof.


  1. A Complete list of On The Buses episodes can be found on the below link.
  2. Details of other operators in the Lisbon area are to be found at the Lisbon Suburban Buses page. (Web site)
  3. Bus operators should seek opportunities for improvements to communication devices on existing buses.


  1. Bus conversion boards were used to interface the PC PCI buses to the VME buses. (Web site)


  1. This is the main reason that new buses, such as AGP, have been developed for the PC.


  1. For buses, trains, boats and flights.
  2. Military Espar's Hydronic D5 water heater offers affordable heating solutions for trucks, off-road equipment, boats and buses.
  3. From taxis and trains, to buses, subways and your own two feet, here are the maps and tips you need to get around New York City. (Web site)
  4. One of the things that you have to understand is that Melbourne has three main forms of public transport: trains, trams and buses. (Web site)


  1. We have over a 100 - 66 passenger buses on the road at this time.
  2. Transit buses containing our heavy-duty fuel cell engines have been demonstrated in Europe and North America.
  3. These buses are available on the Chevrolet chassis with 5.7L V8, or the Ford 5.4L V8 or the Ford 6.8L V10 engines.
  4. This website presents general information about heavy-duty highway engines, such as trucks and buses, and their emissions. (Web site)

Intercity Buses

  1. MAN has simply everything: the latest city buses, intercity buses and touring coaches.
  2. Scania Kapena in Slupsk, Poland, will now be devoted entirely to the production of city and intercity buses.


  1. Typically, these buses will reside on top of the PCI local bus. (Web site)
  2. Customers who purchased this Fine-Art Print, also: Browse our Buses posters page.
  3. This is the page that mommy buses show their buslings to frighten them into behaving.
  4. The selection here is completely subjective, as in the other Beautiful Buses pages, because the period being considered is only from 1930 to 1960. (Web site)


  1. All computers and most telephone systems use buses of some type.
  2. In more recent innovation, super computers and other powerful processors added separate buses for fetching data and instructions. (Web site)


  1. Buses include #17 from Pl. de Catalunya and N6. Open daily 7am-10pm.
  2. In fact the Corporation would regularly lop these trees and they used the open-top buses to achieve this. (Web site)

School Buses

  1. Sunset Bus is a distributor for U.S. Bus school buses.
  2. As its name implied, the Bus Pool was dedicated to financing school buses.
  3. There are many more reasons why I do not support the use of seatbelts on school buses.


  1. Google a retrouv- environ 4,980 r-sultats pour vme buses computers.
  2. La Stylus C62 est une imprimante A4 4 couleurs (Noir, Cyan, Magenta, Jaune) -quip-e de 2 t-tes (144 buses pour le noir et 3x48 buses pour la couleur).


  1. Thus, the processors observe four distinct PCI buses.
  2. Shared buses serve as the main interconnection mechanism to minimize the switching logic needed for reconfiguration.
  3. Clubs (17) Bus clubs and enthusiast societies. Enthusiast (61) Enthusiast sites Manufacturers (16) Vehicle and component manufacturers for full-size buses.


  1. Currently these buses are twice as expensive as the metro.
  2. Typically these data planes are parallel switched interconnect buses.
  3. The Perth buses are easy to recoginze as they are usually painted green.
  4. Perth has a number of buses which travel both interstate and to the country.
  5. You can also hire buses from us - for group outings, weddings or sightseeing trips.


  1. Take a look at the Busy Buses website.
  2. I have also put together a diary of rallies, events, open days and running days where buses may be featured. (Web site)
  3. Dick Gilbert's Classic Buses Events diary, News and pictures of classic buses, and listing of half-cab single deck buses.


  1. In 2003, the MBTA will begin receiving its new fleets of NABI and Neoplan buses.
  2. Our Fleet consist of modern touring vehicles and a Vintage bus plus 2 Open Top Double Decker Vintage buses.
  3. A front-side bus connects the CPU to main memory and to peripheral buses that run to such system components as disk drives, modems and network cards.

Buses Covered

  1. Also provides drivers and historical information. Bus Types - Descriptions of different buses.

Mercedes Benz

  1. Two PEM fuel cell buses will be delivered to the program.
  2. Sales of new and used buses and luxury motor coaches. Specialist Mercedes Benz Sprinter conversions. bus sales South Africa: MAN buses, Neoplan. (Web site)
  3. Ballard will begin delivery of fuel cell bus engines in late 2002, for the 30 Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses to be used in the European Fuel Cell Bus Project.


  1. Charter buses are our specialty.
  2. All buses are equipped with racks that carry 2 bicycles. (Web site)
  3. Searched Groups for buses. Results 1 - 10 of about 395,000.
  4. On paying the fare on most buses you will be given a ticket.
  5. Buses making life easier for those with mobility difficulties.


  1. Night Buses introduced to run on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights.
  2. The BEST has introduced buses with Allison Automatic Transmission on the roads of the Mumbai City.


  1. These links will take you to pre-war buses and all post-war vehicles . (Web site)
  2. I am looking to purchase a choice of three post-war classic "31 seater" single decker buses.


  1. They go where Big Buses either can't go or aren't welcome, such as shopping centers and neighborhoods. (Web site)


  1. The cage can also be set to provide two independent SCSI buses. (Web site)

Logic Analyzer

  1. Some analysis probes make triggering on complex buses such as PCI and Pentium relatively easy.
  2. Marrying fundamental bus operation with logic analyzer functionality extends visibility into the complex architecture of modern buses.
  3. Makes bus and interface support pods for the Tektronix TLA Family of Logic Analyzers, supports buses such as Fibre Channel, USB, SCSI and Serial ATA.

School District

  1. Manufacturers of school and commercial buses.
  2. The school district is also planning to invest in electric buses. (Web site)
  3. In combination with excellent training, it's understandable how school buses are 172 times safer than the family car.

Open Top

  1. Open-top tourist buses have boomed since 2000 in Lisbon. (Web site)
  2. Three batches of single deck LT's were delivered for 'central area' work, in lots of 50, 85 and 64 respectively, with all the buses painted red.
  3. A number of Daimler Fleetline double-deckers have enjoyed a new lease of life as semi-open-top tourist buses, painted in an eye-catching yellow livery. (Web site)


  1. A fleet of 27 double-articulated, 24.8-meter (81.4-foot) Van Hool AGG 300 buses is currently being delivered.
  2. With a large fleet of articulated, standard and midi buses our experienced staff can assist you with your transport needs.


  1. Silicon Control Bus analyzer products for a variety of buses including VME, PCI and CompactPCI.
  2. Manufactures board level products based around the 68K, PowerQuicc and PowerPC families on the VME and CompactPCI buses as well as Industry Pack modules.

Transit Buses

  1. All five buses will be 40-foot transit buses.
  2. Riders took just over 4 million trips on Kitsap Transit buses in 2001.

Buses Coaches

  1. The rest chose to see Steve Morris' collection of buses and coaches and the base for Quantock Motor Services.
  2. Due to the additional chassis length permitted for 3-axle buses, Southdown were able to carry more people yet stay within the law. (Web site)

Mil Std

  1. Full-service manufacturer of test, simulation and interface products for MIL-STD-1553, ARINC 429 and other avionics data buses. (Web site)
  2. All processors include support of MIL-STD-1553B serial spacecraft data buses using either standard or low-power electrical interfaces at 1 Mbaud.

Mini Buses

  1. Pontarelli Mini Buses and Coaches are late model vehicles which are meticulously maintained.
  2. Fifteen red mini-buses provide a variety of unscheduled service like school transport and special tours around the island.
  3. Trucks, vans, chassis, lightweight trucks, mini buses, buses, heavy ehicles, 4x4, 6x4, 6x6, 8x4, tippers, dump trucks, mixers, and refrigerated trucks.


  1. Both Boulder and Denver city buses stop near the CU-Boulder campus.
  2. The urban buses of TMB, travel the whole city, and there are available maps of their routes in tourist offices.
  3. In the late 1980s there were about 200 bus routes served by 3 200 buses. Every year 1 200 million passengers use city buses.


  1. Using the same technology as the PACRG, the PACDT exhibits excellent impedance match for high performance buses and has very low crosstalk.


  1. The buses leave about every 10 minutes and cost $3.50 pesos. (Web site)
  2. Buses will run every hour instead of every two hours on Sundays.
  3. Currently there are over 1,040 listed Buses at from every Continent on the World and from 61 World Countries.
  4. There is a free City Centre Shuttle bus service which operates every 15 minutes from 9am till 5pm (buses marked: City Centre Shuttle).


  1. Wheelchair accessible buses.
  2. Adelaide (Australia) Metro has 38 new air-conditioned, fully accessible buses operating to and from the Outer South.


  1. Buses along both routes now operate at an impressive 90% of capacity.
  2. Red buses (E Y M S) also operate in the city and the University area.
  3. YCTA will operate all buses serving Sacramento and the Sacramento Airport.
  4. The buses operate between the Fremantle train station and Oats street train station in East Victoria Park.


  1. Companies offering buses seating up to 78 people.
  2. Cushy RVs with armchair seating, buses with restrooms, and more.


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