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Dance Costumes

  1. A doll dressed up in Manipuri dance costume.
  2. Her website offers excellent dance costume patterns.
  3. Evolution of the Square Dance Costume reprinted from USDA Web Site Square Dance attire has evolved from France and Europe, to the "old west", to now.

Belly Dance

  1. The classic American Belly dance costume has traditionally been a personally crafted ensemble or assembly of various pre-made items.
  2. It is constructed as a professional couture dance costume.
  3. Her dance costume is a white tutu with silver glitter and soft pink and silver leotard, accented with romantic pink rosette.
  4. Turkey, A Foreword The Turkish Belly dance costume consists of bra, belt and skirt.
  5. Sells belly dance costume items and other supplies such as swords, henna, jewelry, finger cymbals, etc.
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