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  1. David Brainerd is a classic example of this fact. (Web site)
  2. The life of David Brainerd, the famous missionary to the Indians, has impacted missionaries all over the world.

Second Part

  1. The second part outlines a history of missionary activity, beginning with the early Church and ending with David Brainerd and John Wesley.

George Whitefield

  1. Great evangelists like David Brainerd and George Whitefield were Calvinists (Whitefield frequently preached of election to non-believers). (Web site)

Jonathan Edwards

  1. He prepared to become a missionary to the Six Nations Iroquois under David Brainerd and Jonathan Edwards.

David Brainerd

  1. The Life and Diary of David Brainerd edited by Jonathan Edwards; with a biographical sketch of the life and work of Jonathan Edwards by Philip E. Howard, Jr.
  2. It was not long before a student, David Brainerd did so, saying that Tutor Whittelsey "had no more grace than a chair" and was expelled.
  3. In 1749, he published a memoir of David Brainerd. (Web site)


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