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Deep Sky

  1. Getting started, deep sky and planetary observing, astrophotography, sketching, glossary, and links.
  2. Excellent for deep sky observing or astrophotography with fast films or CCD’s.
  3. Visual Deep Sky Observing - Galleries of sketches, legend, projects, publications, and links.

Sky Objects

  1. Enjoy deep sky viewing for two.
  2. Light years beyond our solar system, deep sky objects include such intriguing phenomena as double and triple stars, nebulae, galaxies, and quasars.
  3. Hodierna's Deep Sky Observations - Catalogue of Giovanni Batista Hodierna's (1597-1660) long forgotten observations; detailed information about each object.
  4. Any amateur astronomer who wants to develop their skills at finding Deep Sky Objects.
  5. Details: The astronomical investigations (both professional and amateur) are nowadays based mostly on CCD images, containing deep sky objects.


  1. Contains sections for equipment, the beginner, books, the solar system and deep sky, web log, and links.
  2. The database is the Saguaro Astronomy Club's database which consists of over 10,000 deep sky objects and includes valuable observing notes.
  3. Good for deep sky astrophotography (but not as convenient and more difficult to use than Catadioptrics).
  4. Solar system and deep sky galleries, publications, equipment, tips and tricks, and links.
  5. Jack Schmidling's M31 page The following photos make up an album of Jack Schmidling's favorite deep sky subject.


  1. The new Deep Sky Imager is the latest innovation from Meade Instruments and represents a revolutionary breakthrough in CCD astro-imaging.
  2. John Gleason Widely acknowledged as an accomplished deep sky observer and expert CCD astrophotographer with many years of experience.


  1. Featuring nearly 200 deep sky objects selected for visibility in a 2.5" telescope or simple binoculars, this atlas is designed to help you do just that.
  2. As far as ' deep sky ' objects, you will be able to see all the Messier objects in most any modern telescope.
  3. In particular, the chapter on deep sky observing is applicable to all small telescopes (and even larger ones).


  1. Here is the list of (the 27 other) Deep Sky Objects from the Ephem program.
  2. The Planisphere makes it very easy for one to find out what constellations and major deep sky objects are up overhead at any given time of the day or night.
  3. The charts locate about 8,700 stars to visual magnitude 6.49 and about 600 deep sky objects.
  4. Most refractors will prove to be too small (in aperture) for all but the very brightest deep sky objects.
  5. If you know of further collections or catalogs of Deep Sky objects suited for our online collection please notify me.


  1. Book Description Field Guide to the Deep Sky Objects is a uniquely usable guide for observers.
  2. My main interest is deep sky photography and many of the pictures on this site are examples of galaxies and nebulae.
  3. Also there are some sketches of deep sky objects.
  4. All of the more expensive prgrams have beautiful images on their disks of really great deep sky objects as well as planetary images.
  5. He also wrote the book "Deep Sky Wonders", with Stephen James O'Meara published in 1998 by Sky Publishing which is a collection of his articles and musings.


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