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  1. Descriptive linguistics is the study and analysis of spoken language.
  2. Descriptive linguistics is a branch of linguistics that studies how languages are structured.
  3. Descriptive Linguistics is a SCIENCE. It is about finding out what IS and developing theories of how to explain it.
  4. Descriptive linguistics is a general term for the activity of describing the structures of particular languages.
  5. Descriptive linguistics is also called synchronic linguistics.

Descriptive Linguistics

  1. This page identifies requirements for the Descriptive Linguistics Concentration with a thesis or non-thesis option.
  2. File Format: Adobe PostScript - in descriptive linguistics |namely with an eye toward how the description will t.
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  1. Unlike prescription, descriptive linguistics eschews value judgments and makes no recommendations.
  2. Almost all linguistic theory has its origin in practical problems of descriptive linguistics.
  3. Bibliography listing for Descriptive linguistics.
  4. For both historical-comparative and descriptive linguistics, no area is excluded.
  5. Prerequisites: A basic background in descriptive linguistics would be useful.


  1. Within the context of fieldwork, descriptive linguistics refers to the study of language using a descriptivist approach.
  2. Definition of descriptive linguistics in the Online Dictionary.
  3. Offering study in general and descriptive linguistics, Hispanic linguistics, psycholinguistics, sociolinguistics, and second language acquisition.


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