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  1. Her descriptive words is a true delight to read and she leaves one wanting more.

Common Words

  1. Example: Write stories using descriptive words in place of common words; for instance, use enormous, gigantic, or giant for the word big. (Web site)

Descriptive Words

  1. As you write, check the lists of powerful words that we've compiled for descriptive words that you can add to your poem.
  2. Making lists of descriptive words is a fantastic way of focussing the mind.
  3. Active and descriptive words tend to have more enertia and cause us to react with feelings. (Web site)
  4. Using these perceptions, the tasters attempt to communicate their feelings about the wine under review to others by descriptive words or phrases. (Web site)
  5. Most often a video may be appropriate but does contain descriptive words that are not.

Particular Wine

  1. Here are some descriptive words often used to conjure up the flavour or scent from a particular wine. (Web site)


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