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  1. This led to a small confrontation between the two in which K-Ci allegedlly pulled out a gun on Dalvin, according to DeVante Swing in an interview. (Web site)


  1. DeVante Swing - DeVante Swing is an African American record producer, songwriter, and singer.


  1. She and her R&B group Sista auditioned for DeVante Swing, a producer and member of the successful R&B act Jodeci. (Web site)

Production Work

  1. Devante Swing produced nearly all of the tracks on all three Jodeci albums, and also did outside production work for artists such as Tupac Shakur.


  1. Devante is also much younger than DeVante Swing, who is 37.


  1. Several tracks from this album is expected to contain material from Jodeci as well as production from DeVante Swing. (Web site)
  2. According to an October 2009 interview with Devante Swing, Jodeci is signed to what Swing feels is an unfavourable contract with record label Interscope. (Web site)

Devante Swing

  1. Also included in the producers mix were Combs himself, and Donald "DeVante Swing" DeGrate (member of, and driving force behind, fellow Uptown act Jodeci).
  2. One-quarter of the R&B chart-topping group Jodeci, Devante Swing served as the group's leader, and main songwriter and producer.
  3. Devante Swing served as the leader, main songwriter and producer for Jodeci which also featured his younger brother of Dalvin DeGrate.


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