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  1. Diamonds - The finest diamonds and diamond jewelry at wholesale prices.
  2. Diamonds are the rarest stones available to the public.
  3. The diamonds are of great quality and the workmanship is excellent.
  4. Diamonds are rated based on clarity, colour, cut and carat size.
  5. Diamonds are the only precious stones that are harder than rubies. Rubies are extremely valuable.

Certified Diamonds

  1. Loose certified diamonds and sapphires.
  2. Tried to high quality timepiece diamonds .
  3. Offers certified diamonds, fine jewelry and diamond rings.
  4. Best Gems Engagament rings, certified diamonds and fine jewelry of the highest-quality available at outstanding prices.
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  1. Certified loose diamonds, engagement rings, wedding bands, solitaire mountings, moissanite, and moissanity jewelry.
  2. Diamond ring diamonds engagement settings - Diamond ring diamonds engagement settings.
  3. Specializing in diamonds, our collection includes stud earrings, rings tennis bracelets and solitaire pendants.
  4. Net is a consumer guide to the world of diamond stud earrings, diamond solitaire pendants, diamond bracelets and topics related to diamonds.
  5. These diamonds, engagement ring settings, and bands are not owned by Amazon, but by wholesalers who drop ship directly to the consumer.

Loose Diamonds

  1. Diamonds: wholesale loose from diamond cutters.
  2. All loose diamonds are measured by carat weight.

Engagement Rings

  1. It is the most prominent choice among all fake diamonds.
  2. Engagement rings, diamond engagement rings, diamond earrings, loose diamonds and pendants.

Diamonds Loose

  1. Thanks for your interest in ideal cut diamonds.
  2. Diamonds Loose diamonds at the best prices on the web.
  3. A) Other Gems Diamonds are not the only gems you want to be careful buying.
  4. Dejoria Diamonds - They are forever Fine Jewellery, Non-conflict diamonds and loose stones.
  5. Fancy Diamond - loose diamonds, engagement diamond rings, settings. 1-800-872-5871.

Cubic Zirconia

  1. Cubic zirconia is a manmade stone with sparkle and clarity similar to diamonds.
  2. There are several ways to distinguish cubic zirconia from natural diamonds.
  3. Imitation diamonds, such as cubic zirconia, resemble diamonds in appearance but are much less costly.


  1. The above applies for white diamonds.
  2. Made in 14K white gold, this ring features a hollow circle adorned with 16 rosy sapphires. Ten brilliant-cut diamonds accent on either sides.


  1. A series of sixteen diamonds surround this beautiful blue stone.
  2. Own Polar Bear or blue diamonds set in 18kt gold.

Rings Diamonds

  1. Engagement Rings with diamonds and moissanite.
  2. The diamond eternity ring does not have to be all diamonds.

Wedding Rings

  1. Wedding rings bands. Custom designs. Loose diamonds.
  2. Diamonds dealer platinum diamond rings wedding rings discount code platinum.


  1. Diamonds and other precious gemstones.
  2. The most precious stones are the diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires.
  3. Unlike diamonds, sapphires and rubies, it never occurs in gem gravels.
  4. Featuring diamonds, south sea pearls and unusual coloured gemstones.
  5. Featuring jewelry store locator, diamonds, rings, estate jewelry, pearl necklaces, silver jewelry, gemstones.


  1. Opals, gold, silver jewellery and watches with gemstones and diamonds.
  2. Antwerp Diamantaire Barninka DiamondsWholesaler of certificate diamonds and designer of diamond jewellery.
  3. Although diamonds are considered the most prized of all gemstones, many other precious stones are used for jewellery.
  4. Items such as banknotes, coins, jewellery, precious metals and diamonds were removed from "Canada" and shipped off to the Reichsbank.

Diamond Rings

  1. The CZ is almost 70 to 75 percent heavier than real diamonds.
  2. Diamond rings, diamond wedding bands, loose diamonds, wholesale diamond jewelry.
  3. On the Mohs scale of hardness, sapphire ranks a 9, highest after diamonds.
  4. Of course no matter which anniversary you are celebrating diamonds are always a hit with women.
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  1. Offers loose diamonds and diamond at wholesale prices.
  2. You can never buy diamonds "below wholesale".
  3. Diamonds, gemstones, cubic zirconias & pearls at wholesale prices.


  1. Diamonds of all shapes 1.00 carat and larger.
  2. The diamond history, diamond shape (Diamonds come in more shapes than any other gem.

Wholesale Diamonds

  1. Wholesale diamonds, loose diamonds, engagement rings and more.
  2. Diamond brokers are quality diamond by buying from a diamond broker. Canadian Diamond Brokers - diamonds direct from Canada at wholesale diamond prices.

Diamonds Diamond

  1. All stones are flush-set and the diamonds have a total weight of .54 Ct.
  2. We bring GIA certified diamonds and diamond jewelry online.
  3. Men's Gold Diamond Rings Diamonds diamond engagement rings jewelry & loo.
  4. The diamonds represent the past, present and future of a relationship. The center stone is usually slightly larger.


  1. You can find fancy yellow diamond, blue diamond, fancy colored diamond, black diamond, pink and pinkish diamonds.
  2. Some people like yellow diamonds in the "Z" color range, referred to as fancy color diamonds, or fancy yellow diamonds.
  3. can help you find Diamonds Brokers & Buyers business listings in our online Yellow Pages directory service. Diamonds Brokers & Buyers.

Diamonds Colored

  1. Yellow-gold, white-gold, and silver crosses with diamonds and colored stones.
  2. Pear cuts are popular for pendants, rings and earrings, and are suitable for diamonds and colored gemstones.


  1. SI2 clarity G-I color round diamonds.
  2. Princess Cut diamonds don't have the same proportional requirements as round diamonds.
  3. The most popular of diamond pendants on the market are the round brilliant diamonds.

Natural Fancy

  1. Specializing in natural fancy colored diamonds.
  2. Pearls complement other types of jewelry with ease, from colored gems and diamonds, to gold, silver and platinum.


  1. Offers coins, jewelry, diamonds, bullion, gold, silver, platinum, and engagement rings.
  2. The Authentication report is used to verify gemological information on diamonds, jewelry and gemstones.
  3. Through its Alliance Services Company (ASC), USAA runs a mail-order catalog service specializing in the sale of diamonds and jewelry.
  4. Diamond Jewelry - Diamond jewelry and loose diamonds.
  5. The best quality diamonds & jewelry online.


  1. Only diamonds can cut other diamonds.
  2. Gemstones or diamonds cut in any way other than round.
  3. Polished diamonds are graded on the basis of the 4 C's---carat, cut, clarity, and color.

Pink Diamonds

  1. Pink diamonds are one of the hottest gemstones an individual can have.
  2. Argyle produces about 90 per cent of the worlds pink diamonds and is the only reliable source of the stones on the planet.


  1. Luster is to pearls like sparkle is to diamonds.
  2. These earrings exude diamond like sparkle at a fraction of the price of diamonds.


  1. The enhanced and synthetic diamonds are less costly and valuable than the genuine.
  2. Modern synthetic diamonds range hugely in their quality.
  3. Synthetic Moissanite diamonds (silicon carbide) gained widespread use in 1999.

Vaal River

  1. The town was established in 1870 when diamonds was discovered in the river banks of the Vaal River.

Griqualand West

  1. The discovery of diamonds in Griqualand West in 1869, and the Witwatersrand Gold Rush in 1886, prompted a flood of immigrants to South Africa.

Nitrogen Impurities

  1. Type II diamonds have no nitrogen impurities.

Diamonds North

  1. Two major gold finds were made here in the 1930s, followed more recently by the discovery of diamonds north of Yellowknife.

Northern Botswana

  1. Debeers prospectors discovered diamonds in northern Botswana in the early 1970s.

Gem Diamonds

  1. Nitrogen is by far the most common impurity found in gem diamonds.

Diamond Jewelry

  1. Regular cleaning of Diamond Jewelry is essential to maintain shine and brilliance of diamonds.

Alluvial Diamonds

  1. There are important deposits of alluvial diamonds along the Orange River and around its mouth.

Industrial Diamonds

  1. Gem quality diamond is used in jewelry, and Industrial diamonds are used in drilling, cutting and polishing tools for machining metals and stone.

Pearls Album

  1. The Diamonds and Pearls album in 1991 gave Prince album charts success with the song “ Cream ” giving him his fifth U.S. number one single.

Blue Diamonds

  1. Below you can find a wide selection of fancy blue diamonds for sale.Search for loose, blue diamonds, rare blue, pale, brilliant, intense blue diamonds.

Gem-Quality Diamonds

  1. Botswana is the world's largest supplier of gem-quality diamonds, with two-thirds of production meeting gem standards.


  1. The economy, closely tied to South Africa's, is predominated by cattle raising and mining, especially diamonds.


  1. The Diamonds & Pearls album in 1991 gave Prince another big hit on the album charts with the song "Cream" giving him his fifth US number one single.
  2. With their first album, Diamonds and Pearls, Prince reasserted his mastery of contemporary R&B; it was his biggest hit since 1985.

Sierra Leone

  1. He was recently the focus of a VH1 "RockDoc" about blood diamonds, where he along with Paul Wall and others visited Sierra Leone, West Africa.
  2. Sierra Leone is a major producer of gem-quality diamonds.
  3. On October 15, 2003, the Federal Council ended the import restrictions on raw diamonds from Sierra Leone and lifted sanctions against Libya.

Nitrogen Atoms

  1. Type I diamonds have nitrogen atoms as the main impurity.
  2. Up to 99% of all natural diamonds are classified as Type I and contain nitrogen atoms as an impurity, replacing carbon atoms within the lattice structure.

Carbon Atoms

  1. Crystal structure: Diamonds typically crystallize in the cubic crystal system and consist of tetrahedrally bonded carbon atoms.
  2. Most natural blue diamonds contain boron atoms which replace carbon atoms in the crystal matrix, and also have high thermal conductance.


  1. This is why goods such as diamonds and gold are so valuable.
  2. Fine rubies of good color can be more valuable than diamonds, but the first synthetic ruby was created in the 1890's and became quite popular in jewelry.
  3. In fact, rubies are today still more valuable and rare than even the top quality colorless diamonds.


  1. The Color formation in the diamonds is mostly due to the presence of Nitrogen.
  2. Eclogite diamonds are also typically higher in nitrogen, and will have a different suite of mineral inclusions than harzburgitic diamonds.
  3. Synthetic diamonds which contain nitrogen are Type Ib.


  1. Carbon in the form of diamonds has been found in meteorites.
  2. Carbon in the form of microscopic diamonds is found in some meteorites.


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