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  1. Diana Ross is an American soul, RandB and pop singer and actress.
  2. Diana Ross is the diva's diva.
  3. Diana Ross is a true legend.
  4. Diana Ross is one of the few artists to have two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  5. Diana Ross was cast as the legendary jazz singer Billie Holiday in the Motown film production Lady Sings the Blues.


  1. Unlike Diana Ross, Terrell's singing had its basis in gospel training.
  2. In "Dreamgirls," due out in December, Beyonce plays Deena, a character not unlike Diana Ross.

Diana Ross

  1. At the same time, Diana Ross began making her first solo recordings.
  2. De ellas Martha Reeves fue una de las que m--s minimiz-- el trabajo de Diana Ross, dando importancia a las otras dos componentes del grupo.
  3. Janet was the second glamorous black woman, first one being Diana Ross.
  4. Marketing) - Diana Ross is a global entertainment icon, a legendary musical treasure whose music has, for decades, inspired romance, happiness and joy.
  5. Singers who have signed on to sing some of Gordy's songs on the tribute album include Diana Ross, the Four Tops, the Temptations and Smokey Robinson.


  1. Diana Ross had her own autobiography, Secrets of a Sparrow: Memoirs, published in 1993.
  2. Jackson starred in the film The Wiz alongside mentor Diana Ross in 1978.
  3. Legendary singer Diana Ross produced a memorable performance at the Dubai Airshow Gala Dinner entertained over 4,000 guests.
  4. Sang with Diana Ross and Le Pamplemousse during the late-1970s.
  5. The color was amazing, and it was something that Diana Ross could wear.


  1. Gordy instead had the song released as the final Diana Ross & the Supremes single, though neither Mary Wilson nor Cindy Birdsong sang on the record.
  2. Additionally, not all of them featured Diana Ross on lead vocals; Flo Ballard, considered to have as good or better a voice, also sang lead.
  3. Over the next eight years, the Supremes (renamed "Diana Ross and the Supremes" in 1967, when Cindy Birdsong replaced Ballard) scored 12 number one pop hits.
  4. Diana Ross could not attend due to a scheduling conflict, and Jean Terrell was also a no-show.
  5. Diana Ross' last single with the group was, ironically, the number one hit "Someday, We'll Be Together" (1969).

Mary Wilson

  1. Mary Wilson loved the musical, but Diana Ross was reportedly angered by it and refused to see it.
  2. By 1967, both Ballard's and her band mate Mary Wilson 's importance diminished within The Supremes as Diana Ross was spotlighted as the group's focal point.
  3. Diana Ross started singing in a trio as a teenager, and in 1960 she and her two partners, Florence Ballard (1943-76) and Mary Wilson (b.


  1. In the fall of 1969, The Jackson 5 were presented to the public by Diana Ross, and were officially launched as the next big Motown act.
  2. Ruffin contended that Motown, concentrating on higher profile performers like Diana Ross, Stevie Wonder, and Marvin Gaye were not promoting his material.
  3. The Motown star has been branded a nightmare boss in 'Diana Ross', a biography by J. Randy Taraborrelli, due for publication in September.

Ross Amp

  1. Diana Ross & the Supremes: Greatest Hits, a number-one album in both the US and the UK, became the first album to do so when released in October of 1967.
  2. Black divas like Diana Ross & the Supremes and Aretha Franklin became 60s crossover stars.
  3. The cover to 1968s Reflections, the first Supremes studio LP to bill the group as Diana Ross & The Supremes.

Solo Career

  1. By 1969, Motown had begun plans for a Diana Ross solo career.
  2. It is noted for being the final Supremes song featuring Diana Ross, who left the group for a solo career in January 1970 and was replaced by Jean Terrell.
  3. After Ballard's exit, the group would be billed as Diana Ross & the Supremes, fueling speculation that Ross was being groomed for a solo career.

Reunion Tour

  1. Holland-Dozier-Holland left Motown in 1967, and the Supremes entered their next phase with a new billing as Diana Ross and the Supremes.
  2. Diana Ross and the Supremes were inductees.
  3. Controversy began shortly after it was announced that Diana Ross and the Supremes would embark on a reunion tour in 2000.
  4. Diana Ross had become the star of The Supremes and therefore the news that she would leave the group did not come as a surprise.
  5. In 1974, it was back to the romantic duets, as Motown teamed Gaye with Diana Ross, who had emerged as a major solo performer after she left the Supremes.


  1. Partially because of Diana Ross--- pop-friendly voice, The Supremes became hugely popular with international mainstream audiences.
  2. Partially because of Diana Ross’ pop-friendly voice, The Supremes became hugely popular with international mainstream audiences.
  3. Hutch went on to work with other Motown artists, including Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and the Miracles.
  4. Singing trio "The Jones Girls," (pictured above) were sisters who sung background for Diana Ross.
  5. Although she never achieved the mainstream success of her contemporaries Aretha Franklin and Diana Ross, Carla was still a formidable talent.


  1. Berry Gordy soon after produced and directed Mahogany, also starring Diana Ross.
  2. Durante esta etapa muchas estrellas de Motown, se quejaron de la atenci--n que Berry Gordy daba a Diana Ross.
  3. In the 70's Gordy produced the successful film Lady Sings the Blues starring Diana Ross.
  4. Beginning in 1968, Berry Gordy commissioned a number of collaborations for the Temptations with Diana Ross & the Supremes.
  5. Berry Gordy pushed Diana Ross more and more to the foreground.


  1. June 28, 1967 marked the group's first appearance as Diana Ross & the Supremes at the Flamingo Hotel in Las Vegas.
  2. Diana Ross & the Supremes gave their final performance together on January 14, 1970 at the Frontier Hotel in Las Vegas.
  3. Con Diana Ross al frente y unas coreograf--as estilizadas junto con un estilo muy visual, triunfaron en las televisiones y conciertos en directo.

Lead Singer

  1. Diana Ross left the Supremes for a solo career in 1970, at which point Jean Terrell was brought in as the new lead singer.
  2. Right On is a 1970 album recorded by The Supremes for the Motown label, the first Supremes album not to feature former lead singer Diana Ross.
  3. She was fired from the group in 1967 over a conflict with lead singer Diana Ross and Motown Records owner, Berry Gordy, Jr.


  1. Diana Ross var en av medlemmarna i den k--nda gruppen The Supremes.
  2. Het nummer gaat erover dat de vertelster van het verhaal, lead Diana Ross in dit geval, verliefd is en er niks aan kan doen.
  3. Wat zij echter nooit behaald hebben, na het vertrek van Diana Ross, was een nummer 1 hit in de VS of Groot-Brittanni--.
  4. Tijdens de release van het nummer werd ook "Reach Out And Touch (Somebody's Hand)" van Diana Ross uitgebracht.
  5. Gladys felt that most of the good songs were given to other groups such as The Temptations, Marvin Gaye, and Diana Ross and the Supremes.

Het Nummer

  1. Het was op het afscheidsconcert van The Supremes het laatste nummer dat de groep ooit met Diana Ross in de geleding uit zouden voeren.
  2. Hij vond het nummer beter als een eerste single voor de carri--re van Diana Ross, dan voor Jr.

Van De

  1. Het was de eerste single die uitgebracht werd zonder dat Diana Ross deel van de groep uitmaakte.
  2. Hierop waren de stemmen van alleen de achtergrondzangeressen van The Supremes te horen en dus niet die van Diana Ross, de lead.
  3. Diana Ross is een van de bekendste Supremes.
  4. Al snel werd de eveneens toen 15-jarige Diana Ross toegevoegd.


  1. En 1975, Diana Ross est la t--te d'affiche du film Mahogany dont elle interpr--te aussi la bande originale.
  2. Uli - Lindsay - Diana Ross: In terms of fashion icons, Diana Ross was the lowest on the list, but Uli can work magic with prints.
  3. The cast of characters includes the Jacksons, Smokey Robinson, Diana Ross and countless other icons of the world of soul music.
  4. The stylist brushes my hair while it’s dry, achieving an arguably impostor-worthy Diana Ross effect.


  1. Doordat Bristol eerst niet het gewenste resultaat van Diana Ross kreeg besloot hij haar aan te moedigen tijdens het zingen.
  2. Diana Ross vervolgde in 1969 haar solocarri--re en werd vervangen door Jean Terrell.


  1. Se form-- en 1961 en la ciudad de Detroit, Sus primeras integrantes fueron Diana Ross, Mary Wilson y Florence Ballard.
  2. Her love of singing blossomed when, at age l3, she befriended Florence Ballard, Betty McGlown and Diana Ross.
  3. The death and life of a Dream Girl; new Diana Ross biography retells the tragic story of fallen Supreme Florence Ballard.
  4. Ballard asked Mary Wilson and Diana Ross, then known as Diane, to join the group with her.
  5. The original three - Diana Ross, Mary Wilson and Florence Ballard - were then just teens from Detroits Brewster housing projects.


  1. As a solo artist, Diana Ross is one of the most successful female singers of the rock era.
  2. Powerhouse female musicians Diana Ross and Jewel will be playing Inland Southern California at four casinos on two nights.
  3. As lead singer for the most successful female vocal group in pop music history, Diana Ross became world famous as a performer during the mid-1960s.


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