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  1. Diary products are one huge source of saturated fats and should be avoided at all costs.
  2. As diary products are devoid of fiber content, it may cause severe pain during bowel movement.


  1. Each day we consume beef and diary products from cows infected with these viruses and no scientific assurance exists that the products are safe.

Food Items

  1. Some of the food items that you need to avoid if you have any of the IBS symptoms are wheat, alcohol, diary products, caffeine, beans and fructose.

Saturated Fats

  1. Diary products are one huge source of saturated fats and should be avoided at all costs.

Particular Foods

  1. Particular foods can cause the irritation, such as diary products can cause lactose intolerance.

Manufacturing Products

  1. Once markets opened, manufacturing products exchanged for diary products, raids from Mongolia ceased, and peace lasted until the Manchu invasions.

Diary Products

  1. American Dietetic Association, "Diet without meat and diary products is not best for most American's dietitians say," News Release, April 8, 1991.
  2. You can easily reduce the fat content while maintaining the calcium content by selecting low-fat (2% or 1%) or skim milk and other diary products.
  3. Americans, who include a lot of diary products in their diet, wonder if there is something about dairy products that others know and they don't.


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