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  1. The District of Mackenzie was the rest, stretching from the Yukon border in the west to the Keewatin border in the east, and containing none of the islands.
  2. The District of Mackenzie was a former regional administrative district of Canada 's Northwest Territories.

District of Mackenzie

  1. This riding only included the District of Mackenzie.
  2. Extending from southwestern Manitoba to northeastern British Columbia and adjacent District of Mackenzie is a large and important forest area.
  3. The fifth general election elected three members from the District of Mackenzie. (Web site)
  4. The remainder of the District of Mackenzie, as well as the Districts of Keewatin, Franklin and Ungava, had no representation until 1962.


  1. A small eastern portion of the Districts of Saskatchewan and Athabaska were added to Keewatin, as was a portion of the District of Mackenzie.
  2. Alberta, to the west of Saskatchewan, is bordered on the north by the NWT-s District of Mackenzie and to the south by the state of Montana.
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