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  1. In 2003, he was re-appointed manager of a Huddersfield Town that had slid down to Division Three and were emerging from administration. (Web site)

Three Years

  1. He was sacked three years later upon their relegation back to Division Three.

Playing Days

  1. He then had a short second spell as a player at Sunderland, before he ended his playing days at Doncaster Rovers in Division Three. (Web site)

Notts County

  1. The greatest centre forward of his day, Tommy Lawton, accepted a transfer to Notts County of Division Three in an attempt to shore up his financial future.

Swansea City

  1. Shortly after his dismissal from Fulham, Micky Adams made a quick return to management with Swansea City in Division Three but left after 13 days.

Division Three

  1. He saved the club from relegation to Division Three but resigned after a terrible start to 2000-01, a season which ended in Oxford getting relegated. (Web site)
  2. Craggs served as assistant manager to Alan Mullery at Brighton and Hove Albion, as the Seagulls climbed from Division Three to Division One.
  3. Managed by Gary Peters, Preston won promotion from Division Three in 1996, under the captaincy of Ian Bryson amid emotional scenes at their Deepdale home.


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