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  1. Douglas Adams is a big fan of them. (Web site)
  2. Douglas Adams is a very funny humorist.
  3. Douglas Adams is a sci fi author who writes about eerything.
  4. Douglas Adams is simply the best at combining wit with irony and absurdity. (Web site)
  5. Douglas Adams is a humanoid writer from Earth, responsible for popularizing the Hitchhiker's Guide on that bygone backward planet.


  1. A movie documentary, Life, The Universe and Douglas Adams, was released in 2002, directed and produced by Rick Mueller and Joel Greengrass.
  2. The Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything has a numeric solution in Douglas Adams ' series The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. (Web site)
  3. This audiobook makes a great tribute to Douglas Adams and the world and characters he created in the H2G2 universe.
  4. Douglas Adams brings Arthur Dent back to Earth after a long trip hitchhiking across the universe.

Douglas Adams

  1. Auch wenn ihr Sch----pfer nicht mehr unter den Lebenden weilt, die Figuren aus douglas adams' B----cher geraten so schnell nicht in Vergessenheit. (Web site)
  2. Eine Fanpage f----r den Autor mit Texten, Ton und Video zu douglas adams und einem Lexikon zu Per Anhalter durch die Galaxis . (Web site)
  3. Die weitere Entwicklung der Site und den ersten Eintrag zum "Restaurant am Ende des Universums" wird Douglas Adams nicht mehr lesen können. (Web site)


  1. I'm the Douglas Adams who wrote the Hitchhiker books, the Dirk Gently books, and co-wrote Last Chance to See, the Meaning of Liff and Starship Titanic. (Web site)
  2. Extractions: Douglas Adams taught me the importance of tea. (Web site)
  3. Collezione di immagini, suoni e scritti tratti dalla Guida galattica per autostoppisti, di douglas adams. (Web site)
  4. Was Douglas Adams neben der "Anhalter"-Serie geschrieben hat, hat bei weitem nicht denselben Status erlangt. (Web site)
  5. THE LONG DARK TEA TIME OF THE SOUL. Douglas Adams has hooked me all over again, and it's a great feeling.


  1. The second use of the "Agnew" name was for the serial City of Death, which was co-written by Williams, and Read's successor as script editor, Douglas Adams.
  2. But I love Douglas Adams and the book is roughly 350 pages, so I decided I'd read at least 35 of them before I quit. (Web site)


  1. Kurzbiographie douglas adams im WWW. (Web site)
  2. While not yet in distribution as of this writing, you can find information on ordering Life, the Universe, and Douglas Adams at . (Web site)


  1. Douglas Adams lectured and broadcast around the world and was a patron of the Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund and Save the Rhino International.
  2. Save on Douglas Adams Books - Get 6 books by SciFi authors for $5.


  1. Douglas Adams created an interactive fiction version of HHGG together with Steve Meretzky from Infocom in 1984.
  2. Douglas Adams started to write it, as because "Bureaucracy" had poor sales, Adams and Infocom dropped the project. (Web site)

Terry Jones

  1. Terry Jones wrote the accompanying book, entitled Douglas Adams---s Starship Titanic, since Adams was too busy with the computer game to do both.
  2. Am 18. Juli 1999 ver-ffentlicht Good, funny, and in line with Douglas Adams' fare Terry Jones isn't Douglas Adams, for sure, but he's damn close.


  1. In addition to both seasons of the radio series, this set also includes a documentary and Douglas Adams interview.
  2. Douglas Adams had contributed comedy sketches for BBC radio programmes produced by Simon Brett (including The Burkiss Way and Week Ending, among others).


  1. Everyone knows that Douglas Adams is a Mac fan.
  2. And like everything else Douglas Adams comes up with, the puzzles in this game are complex, challenging, and often downright silly.
  3. Douglas Adams's .mac homepage Two audio interviews of Douglas Adams (1983 – 23 min.
  4. Douglas Adams pleased his coterie of fans in the USENET newsgroup [15] by following the group and occasionally posting himself.


  1. Douglas Adams's Guide to The Hitch-Hiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a BBC radio production sold as an audio book on two cassette tapes.
  2. The brand new third installment of Douglas Adams's classic time travel tale, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Tertiary Phase, is now available on audio.

Adams Died

  1. Born in Cambridge in 1952, Douglas Adams was educated in Essex before returning to Cambridge to study at St John's College. (Web site)
  2. Text of one of Douglas Adams' introductions of Procol Harum in concert. (Web site)
  3. Douglas Adams died May 11, 2001, but his contributions to humorous fiction are unforgettable. (Web site)
  4. Arthur and Ford get into some seriously mixed up situations, but they are perfectly explained through some more of that demented Douglas Adams logic.
  5. Der ScienceFiction-Autor douglas adams, 49, ist tot. (Web site)


  1. I'd recommend (and will) finding the edition read, unabridged, by Douglas Adams.
  2. Douglas Adams I guess - oooh, I'm not sure because the quote was in a later revised edition of his book it wasn't in the original. (Web site)


  1. May 11 - Comedy sci-fi author Douglas Adams of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fame, dies from a heart attack, aged 49.
  2. Douglas Adams The official web site for the author (1952-2001), with tributes, his biography and articles.
  3. Offers information about the author's biography Hitchhiker A Biography of douglas adams and his book Salmon of Doubt . (Web site)
  4. Web Results   ( Info) Official Douglas Adams site, with information about the man and his works.


  1. I enjoyed reading about Douglas Adams' visions of the game and I found the sections on the creation of the game very interesting. (Web site)
  2. Sign in. Douglas Adams's Starship Titanic and over 115,000 other books are available for Amazon Kindle - Amazon-s new wireless reading device.


  1. Author Douglas Adams, who wrote The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, has died suddenly aged 49. (Web site)
  2. Join bestselling author Douglas Adams and zooligist Mark Carwardine as they take off around the world in search of exotic, endangered creatures. (Web site)
  3. From this marriage, Douglas Adams has a half-sister, Heather.
  4. I picked this up thinking this was the "hitchhikers guide" Douglas Adams. (Web site)
  5. The final works of writer Douglas Adams are set to be published later this year. (Web site)

Heart Attack

  1. In May 2001, science fiction author, Douglas Adams, died suddenly at the age of 49 from a heart attack.
  2. Sadly, Douglas Adams died suddenly of a heart attack on May 11th, 2001.


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