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  1. Drip tape is a type of thin walled dripperline used in drip irrigation.
  2. Drip tape is a fancier way of adding water to your soil.
  3. Drip tape is a thin-wall, flat plastic tube that expands under water pressure.
  4. Drip tape is made of polyethylene and is sold flat, on reels containing several thousand feet.

Adding Water

  1. Drip tape is a fancier way of adding water to your soil.

Drip Tape

  1. Drip irrigation is often required, with drip tape laid under the plastic, as plastic mulch is impermeable to water.
  2. Subsurface drip irrigation (SDI) uses permanently or temporarily buried dripperline or drip tape located at or below the plant roots.
  3. Qualls said rolls of black plastic in varying widths are sold as construction materials, and ordinary soaker hoses will do the same job as drip tape.


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