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  1. DRUNKEN MASTER is one of Jackie Chan's all time greats (the film itself is a 5 star film, only this DVD gets a 3 star rating). (Web site)
  2. Oh, and Drunken Master is one of my fave Jackie films, it is very funny and the action is decent.
  3. Yet Drunken Master is a far rawer, more natural vehicle designed to let him showcase an array of well-orchestrated kung-fu skills and physical abilities.

Site Relevant

  1. The site relevant to "Drunken Master [1978]" is investigated by Amazon.

Hits Police Story

  1. He also made several sequels to his hits Police Story and Drunken Master. (Web site)


  1. Jackie Chan returns as Wong Fei-Hung, the folk hero he took to stardom in the first Drunken Master movie. (Web site)


  1. Dragon Lord doesn't represent Jackie's finest (look to Drunken Master 2 aka Legend of the Drunken Master and Project A part 2 for that). (Web site)


  1. JC: Even Drunken Master 2, even City Hunter, whenever you see my scenes, I direct my own.

First Film

  1. While the first film was an old school Chop-Socky flick, Drunken Master II is a full modern day Martial Arts masterpiece.


  1. Chan then starred in Drunken Master, which finally propelled him to mainstream success.


  1. In Drunken Master, Jackie is only beginning to cultivate his mixture of action and comedy; here the emphasis is on kung fu acrobatics.


  1. Chan got his first international success in 1978, with the film Drunken Master.
  2. Jackie got his first international success with the film Drunken Master.
  3. In 1994, he starred in the film Drunken Master II, an in name only sequel which returned him to his early film making days. (Web site)


  1. All in all, this DVD version of Drunken Master is worth owning. (Web site)

Fight Scenes

  1. Believe me, once you see the fight scenes in Drunken Master II, most others (even Chan's) pale in comparison. (Web site)

Jackie Chan

  1. This page lets you select a character from Drunken Master 2 who takes you into the life of Jackie Chan through the eyes of Wong Fei-hung. (Web site)
  2. Other than the 1977 version of Drunken Master, this has got to be the best film I've seen from Jackie Chan in his earlier period. (Web site)
  3. Yuen, who had launched the career of Jackie Chan in Snake in Eagle's Shadow and Drunken Master, was looking for a new kung fu movie hero. (Web site)

Drunken Master

  1. The movie was a good match for Woo Ping and Jackie Chan, and they teamed up again for Drunken Master, which also became a huge hit. (Web site)
  2. So, after being trained by a drunken master (Jackie Chan) and a stoic monk (Jet Li), the kid heads off to save the day. (Web site)
  3. Jackie Chan returns in the sequel to the film that made him famous (Drunken Master). (Web site)


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