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  1. A dimension table is a data warehousing concept.
  2. The dimension table is a fact table (FactInternetSales).
  3. The dimension table is a table within a relational database with a single part key that is joined to a fact table.
  4. A dimension table is a table that contains a dimension's members.
  5. A dimension table is a collection of information describing a business construct. (Web site)

Dimension Tables

  1. Over time, the attributes of a given row in a dimension table may change.
  2. Explain. Explain hierarchies and categories in a dimension table.


  1. The primary key in the dimension table migrates as a foreign key in the fact table.
  2. Normally snowflakes are eliminated by denormalizing the 'outlying' dimensional data into a primary dimension table.


  1. Whereas in a snow flake schema, a dimension table will have one or more parent tables.
  2. Dimension Table a table in a star schema or snowflake schema that stores dimensions or subjects used to aggregate facts.


  1. Each dimension table contains data for one dimension. (Web site)
  2. Technical meta data tagging allows you to determine the origin(s) of information in the dimension table. (Web site)


  1. Dimensional Modeling - Dimension Table In a Dimensional Model, context of the measurements are represented in dimension tables.
  2. The metric dimension table is a required dimension table for both event and measurement star schemas.
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