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Earthquake Engineering

  1. Earthquake engineering and structural dynamics.
  2. Structural engineers and consultants specializing in earthquake engineering of dams, locks, intake towers and bridges.
  3. Specializing in creative solutions, seismic and earthquake engineering, new construction, and rehabilitation of older and historic structures.


  1. An index to and abstracts of earthquake engineering literature.
  2. Washington University structural control for earthquake engineering research projects.
  3. In India we have, large number of institutions engaged in various aspects of Earthquake Engineering. (Web site)
  4. Headlines of a major earthquake engineering research equipment project of the National Science Foundation.
  5. Fundamental principles and practical design methods of geotechnical earthquake engineering and machine foundations are presented.


  1. This library of the California Institute of Technology supports research in the field of earthquake engineering.
  2. The course is held and organized by the Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Engineering Seismology at the University "Ss.
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