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  1. Economic geology: the study of ore genesis, and the mechanisms of ore creation, geostatistics.
  2. Economic Geology is a large and lucrative field.
  3. Economic geology is the study of fuels, metals, and other materials from the earth that are of interest to industry or the economy in general.

Economic Geology

  1. Oil field brines as ore-forming solutions: Economic Geology, v.
  2. Lowell Program in Economic Geology featured photo · featuredphoto.
  3. The Bureau of Economic Geology is a research entity of The University of Texas at Austin and functions as the State Geological Survey.
  4. Economic Geology Centre Brief information about the organisation, activities, experts and equipment.
  5. Provides links to USGS information about economic geology and related topics.

Earth Sciences

  1. The 6,000 entries provide broad coverage of climatology, economic geology, geochemistry, oceanography, petrology, earth science and volcanology.
  2. Economic Geology combines all aspects of the Earth Sciences as they apply to the understanding, discovery, and responsible utilization of Earth materials.
  3. This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about Stockwork contains research on Stockwork and Economic geology.
  4. Jim Saunders teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in aqueous and environmental geochemistry, general geochemistry, and economic geology.


  1. The society's Publication Board publishes the scientific journal Economic Geology.
  2. The William Smith Medal is a Medal of the Geological Society of London, awarded for outstanding research in applied or economic geology.


  1. The study of geologic structures has been of prime importance in economic geology, both petroleum geology and mining geology.
  2. The opaque minerals and economic geology of the Nemeiben ultramafic complex, Saskatchewan, Canada.
  3. On the genesis of Rabbit Lake and other unconformity-type uranium deposits in northern Saskatchewan, Canada: Economic Geology 73, p.
  4. Mining and other economic geology occupations (e.g., prospecting and exploration), in former days plentiful, have also fallen away as major employers.
  5. A genetic model for mineralization of lower Windsor (Vis-an) carbonate rocks of Nova Scotia, Canada: Economic Geology, v.


  1. Kyle, J. R., 1976, Brecciation, alteration, and mineralization in central Tennessee zinc district: Economic Geology, v.
  2. A Tertiary age from paleomagnetism for Mississippi Valley-type zinc-lead mineralization of Upper Silesia, Poland: Economic Geology, v.


  1. Industrial minerals, as noted earlier, are nonmetal-containing mineral resources of interest to economic geology.
  2. Our Economic Geology Group (EGG) focuses on the geology and mineralization characteristics of ferrous, non-ferrous, and industrial minerals of Minnesota.
  3. Economic Geology The main activities of the Department of Economic Geology are focused on a mineral resource assessment of Greenland-s vast territory.


  1. Economic Geology 75, 710-735 Schellmann, W. (1983): Geochemical principles of lateritic nickel ore formation.
  2. Economic geology, geochemistry (mineral deposits and environmental),geology of the Lake Superior region, statistical analysis of geosecience data.
  3. Kesler, S. E., 1972, Copper, molybdenum, and gold abundances in porphyry copper deposits: Economic Geology, v.
  4. Roy, S., 1968, The mineralogy of different genetic types of manganese deposits: Economic Geology, v.
  5. Economic Geology Semi-quarterly bulletin of the Society of Economic Geologists, publishing original research on all classes of ore deposits.

Lowell Program

  1. The Lowell Program in Economic Geology is a new post-graduate education and training program for geologists in the mineral industry.
  2. The admissions process for the Lowell Program in Economic Geology has not been finalized.
  3. For example, the Lowell Program in Economic Geology also forms part of the Professional Masters Program of the College of Science.


  1. The Bureau of Economic Geology is a major contract-based research unit of UT Austin.
  2. The Bureau of Economic Geology is working with state government to bring the Department of Energy project to Texas.
  3. The Jackson School’s Bureau of Economic Geology provided crucial input and data for the report commissioned by the Texas Water Development Board.
  4. It offers a highly regarded Masters degree, and a world-class opportunity to gain a thorough update of economic geology and mineral exploration skills.


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