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Edgbaston Reservoir

  1. Edgbaston Reservoir, originally known as Rotton Park Reservoir, is a canal feeder reservoir in the Ladywood district of Birmingham, England.


  1. He scored 167 not out for England against Australia in the 1993 Texaco Trophy at Edgbaston when Australia won by six wickets.
  2. Edgbaston Cricket Ground (sometimes called Edgbaston Stadium) is a cricket venue in the Edgbaston area of Birmingham, England.

South Africa

  1. Arthur Gilligan took 6 for 7 at Edgbaston in 1924 as South Africa were bowled out for 30.

Home Soil

  1. Summer 1995: Reunion of the Barmy Army on home soil at Edgbaston.


  1. Warwickshire Bears were lifted to a total of 205 for 2 by hitting eight sixes at Edgbaston, Ian Bell carrying his side with 66 not out off just 38 balls.


  1. Chamberlain was born in a house called Southbourne, Edgbaston, Birmingham, England.
  2. Miles was born in Edgbaston in Birmingham, and he learned the game of chess at an early age.


  1. Some organisations, such as Warwickshire County Cricket Club, which is based in Edgbaston, in Birmingham, still observe the historic county boundaries.
  2. Based in Edgbaston, Birmingham, the school has close links with Birmingham Royal Ballet.


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