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  1. Edward Tufte is a professor and author known for his excellent (and beautiful!) books on the visual display of statistical information.
  2. Edward Tufte is a professor at Yale University, where he teaches courses in statistical evidence and information design. (Web site)
  3. Edward Tufte is a leading critic of and writer about graphic presentations. (Web site)
  4. Edward Tufte is a legendary statistician and guru of information design.
  5. Edward Tufte is a modern-day master.

First Edition

  1. On a fall day, 393 years later, Edward Tufte stands in front of a packed hotel ballroom, holding up a first edition of that book.

Graphic Designers

  1. PowerPoint often gets bad reviews by educational psychologists and graphic designers such as Edward Tufte (mentioned in Brad’s earlier blog).


  1. A statistician and sculptor, Edward Tufte has written a series of highly regarded books on the subject of information graphics.
  2. If the prospect sounds delightful, you're probably the sort of person who's already fallen in love with the books of Edward Tufte. (Web site)

Yale University

  1. To create a good visual design, read three books by Edward Tufte, a professor of both political science and statistics at Yale University. (Web site)
  2. Edward Tufte teaches statistics, graphic design, and political economy at Yale University. (Web site)

Visual System

  1. Isotype was also a visual system for displaying quantitative information of the sort later advocated by Edward Tufte.

Edward Tufte

  1. Edward Tufte calls it "the best statistical graphic ever drawn"[ 1] and uses it as a prime example in The Visual Display of Quantitative Information.
  2. Edward Tufte, whose book, "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information" is a bible to statisticians, calls it "the best statistical graphic ever drawn".


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