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  1. Egoism is a dead end.
  2. Egoism is a consequentialist view.
  3. Egoism is a great curse for collective work. (Web site)
  4. Egoism is the pursuit of an individual's rational self-interest.
  5. Egoism is a principle; it is universal and applies to all men.

Ethical Egoism

  1. Ethical egoism claims that it is necessary and sufficient for an action to be morally right that it maximize one's self-interest.
  2. Ethical Egoism is an ethical theory that claims that actions are right insofar as they promote a person's own self interest. (Web site)
  3. The actions of both men throughout the book suggest ethical egoism; each acts as if he should be pursuing his own exclusive self-interest.


  1. When the wall of egoism is broken man realizes his identity with God.
  2. Egoism states that each man has a right to live for his own sake.
  3. The wall of egoism may only be destroyed with the Guru's guidance and God's grace.
  4. What justified such individual egoism that forms the essence of the modern spirit was economics(not philosophy). (Web site)

Psychological Egoism

  1. In its stronger versions, psychological egoism claims that people act exclusively out of self-interest.
  2. In other words, they claim to subscribe to psychological egoism, a theory of human nature.
  3. Psychological egoism, the most famous descriptive position, claims that each person has but one ultimate aim: her own welfare.


  1. Egoism is ambigious and has variations in meaning.
  2. The meaning to the word, Egoism, is ambigious, and therefore, Rand on Egoism is not as you initially interpreted.


  1. The fundamental failing with psychological egoism has to do with the question of sacrifice. (Web site)
  2. There is a second major distinction among types of ethical egoism, one which we have already encountered in our discussion of psychological egoism.


  1. We can distinguish between maximizing and nonmaximizing versions of ethical egoism.
  2. The maximizing version of ethical egoism says that everyone should try to maximize self-interest.
  3. EGOISM In ethics, egoism is opposed to altruism. (Web site)
  4. First, ethical egoism shows that there are often good self-interested reasons for being moral.
  5. Ethical egoism is inconsistent with the idea that individuals have rights, for the same reason that utilitarianism is.


  1. Your equation of egoism with Hobbes is an all-too-common misunderstanding of Rand's view of egoism. (Web site)
  2. Bort-- some have argued that Aristotle had an egoist ethics, and the philosophies of Hobbes and Max Stirner are often held up as examples of egoism. (Web site)


  1. The equation "individualism=egoism" is a curious philosophy.
  2. Articles on egoism and individualism in the tradition of Max Stirner. (Web site)


  1. Nietzsche reiterates Stirner for whom the retreat from egoism is a form of mystification. (Web site)
  2. The egoism common to Darwin and Nietzsche had found expression in characteristically English science. (Web site)


  1. He validates egoism as a universal principle and as the only proper moral code.
  2. In the fictional figure of John Galt, egoism has become a moral ideal.
  3. The first version is known in the history of moral philosophy as cynical egoism.
  4. Psychological Egoism is a theory of moral psychology (a theory of mind with respect to actions). (Web site)
  5. Ethical egoism condones a moral callousness to the suffering of the disabled that conflicts with some of our deepest moral intuitions.

Rational Egoism

  1. Ethical egoism helps to keep us honest with ourselves.
  2. One of the more difficult issues for ethical egoism to handle is friendship.
  3. Egoism is fairly different to Egotism, if percieved on philosophical grounds.
  4. The code that Equality 7-2521 re-discovers, and that is endorsed by the author, is known as rational egoism.
  5. If you bring egoism to the extreme, then ppl could just kill you coz they profit from it.


  1. Quote: Egoism can be a descriptive or a normative position.
  2. Ethical egoism, in other words, seems inconsistent.
  3. Think of the word itself = egoism = ego + ism = ego.
  4. At first glance, individual ethical egoism seems implausible.
  5. Regardless of the way it is embellished, individual egoism is the real aspect of all the theories(spirits) of the modern age. (Web site)

Own Self-Interest

  1. Psychologism egoism, which advances a purely descriptive claim, maintains that people always act in their own self-interest.
  2. Egoism has two forms that we will consider in this chapter, both of which center around the concept of acting in one-s own self-interest.
  3. In contrast to this purely descriptive thesis, ethical egoism maintains that people should always act in their own self-interest.


  1. This necessarily follows from the supposition that B should regard B's life as the sole end in itself, which is the meaning of egoism.
  2. Egoism for Stirner is, however, grounded in a quite original analysis for his day of thinking, thoughts, and epistemology of everyday life.


  1. Psyhcological egoism is a descriptive notion of the underlying motivations of human behavior. (Web site)
  2. Pyhcological egoism is roughly the thesis that all of human behavior can ultimately be explained by subjetive psychological motivations. (Web site)
  3. Let’s be human beings… There is no room in business artivism for either petty jealousy or preening egoism. (Web site)


  1. As a committed ethical egoist myself, I think that you notably understate the case for well-considered ethical egoism. (Web site)
  2. Well, because they only look at one side of it: they see that egoism means that the justification of my own actions is always that they serve myself.


  1. Rational egoism is all about rational self interest.
  2. Ethical egoism, because it recommends action in accordance with the agent's own interest, in thus perceived as outside the pale of morality altogether.


  1. Finally, this argument is much more compatible with rule egoism than act egoism.
  2. Their decisions are often based on this concern for sports, not on either altruism or egoism.
  3. The problem of whether a given act is purely an act of altruism or egoism can always be a subject for ripe debate. (Web site)
  4. Second, this argument takes for granted that we will consider the long-term consequences characteristic of rational egoism.
  5. If one takes egoism as an immoral concern for oneself and nothing else in the world, then, no, I don’t think one has to equate this with self-interest.


  1. The evidence of sociobiology suggests that exclusive psychological egoism is wrong.
  2. A few instances of altruistic behavior are not enough to undermine predominant psychological egoism.
  3. However, sociobiology is consistent with predominant psychological egoism, that is, with the claim that behavior is usually self-interested.
  4. There is a second problem that relates to causal versions of psychological egoism and to other versions of determinism as well.
  5. Psychological egoism then asserts that everyone acts in ways that they believe will promote (or maximize) their own projects.


  1. The individual in an objectivist society, if he is rational, is motivated by egoism and pursues his own self-interests. (Web site)
  2. And in this pursuit they will be using religion, patriotism, or self righteous egoism (natural law or objectivist theory) as a cloak. (Web site)


  1. Egoism by itself can justify whatever my little ego wants.
  2. Egoism can logically justify any act - it doesn't matter how you define it by verbalism.
  3. Rational egoism claims that it is necessary and sufficient for an action to be rational that it maximize one's self-interest.


  1. If so, we have to question whether psychological egoism is a genuine empirical belief or an unfalsifiable belief for such a person.
  2. Non-maximizing egoism, in other words, can only be shown to be false by showing that some people are genuine altruists some of the time.


  1. He understands that egoism is a code leading to benevolence, an attitude of kindness and good will toward others.
  2. The name of the moral theory that Equality 7-2521 has struggled to reach, and finally understands in this chapter, is egoism.


  1. Hence the "descriptive" version of egoism.
  2. Hence its popularity in the US. Another nail in the coffin is that no individualist state would EVER tolerate egoism.


  1. Randians, with a lot of individualists (and its opponents), think that individualism and egoism is the same thing.
  2. Some of the American individualist anarchists later in this era, such as Benjamin Tucker, abandoned this form of anarchism and converted to Stirner's Egoism. (Web site)
  3. Egoism Max Stirner is considered to be the first egoist of the individualist anarchists.


  1. The best defense of psychological egoism is still that of Moritz Schlick in his book The Problems of Ethics.
  2. In his defense of universal ethical egoism, Jesse Kalin has suggested an intriguing way out of this difficulty.


  1. Egoism is as antithetical to fascism and other collective hysteria as anything can be.
  2. Egoism rightly understood is antithetical to the vested interests and class society.


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