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  1. Elections_in_India are events involving political mobilisation and organisational complexity on an amazing scale.
  2. The elections_in_India are a big education process.
  3. The elections_in_India are over. (Web site)

Elections In India

  1. The 2004 parliamentary elections_in_India mark the first time electronic voting machines are used to speed up the process.
  2. From massive media coverage, to loads of freebie promises by political parties and fanatic hairdos, elections_in_India are very interesting to follow.
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  4. Top elections_in_india Sites - The best of the best sites for your elections_in_india on the web.
  5. Mr. Khan joined the chat from New Delhi, where Q&A is focusing on the elections_in_India. (Web site)


  1. Elections_in_India gives information on election and election results in India.
  2. History of Elections_in_India The first general elections were conducted in India in 1951, for 489 constituencies representing 26 Indian states.
  3. Since independence, elections_in_India have evolved a long way, but all along elections have been a significant cultural aspect of Independent India.


  1. M any months after the national elections_in_India, the biggest winner in the election remains a well kept secret. (Web site)
  2. An independent Election Commission has been established under the Constitution in order to carry out and regulate the holding of elections_in_India.


  1. Publishing of electoral rolls is a key process that happens before the elections and is vital for the conduct of elections_in_India. (Web site)
  2. Conduct of General Elections_in_India for electing a new Lower House of Parliament (Lok Sabha) involves management of the largest event in the world.

Conducting Elections In India

  1. Electoral Process Conducting elections_in_India is a mammoth task.
  2. Politics and secular symbolism Image:EVM carried on elephant.jpg Conducting elections_in_India is a mammoth task.
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