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Elite Eight

  1. Jamaal Tatum poured in 19 points -- 17 of which came in the second half -- for the fourth-seeded Salukis (29-7), who have never reached the Elite Eight.
  2. In Division I, the Elite Eight consists of the teams in the final game of each of the tournament's four regional brackets.
  3. The game was an incredible opener to the 2007 Elite Eight.
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  1. Like the Division I Final Four, the Division II Elite Eight games are all held in one predetermined location.
  2. This will include odds to win the tournament, Sweet Sixteen Betting lines, Elite Eight Betting lines, and of course Final Four Betting lines.
  3. He's a good recruiter--successful at Oral Roberts, Tulsa, Illinois, and KU. He's gotten to the Elite Eight four times with three different teams.


  1. To others, getting to a Sweet 16 or the Elite Eight is a tremendous accomplishment.
  2. Elite Eight can also refer to the eight NCAA Division I baseball teams that reach the College World Series.
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  1. Last season, she averaged 14.8 points and 8.2 rebounds per game and helped Purdue reach the Elite Eight of the NCAA tournament.
  2. All NCAA Tournament tickets, Sweet Sixteen tickets, and Elite Eight tickets will be delivered via Federal Express to the cardholder billing address.
  3. In the NCAA Men's Division I Basketball Championship that year, they lost to Oklahoma State by two points in the Elite Eight.

Ncaa Division Ii

  1. More information on the NCAA Division II Men's Basketball "Elite Eight" is available by logging-on to
  2. The NCAA has also trademarked Elite Eight as a reference to the final rounds of the men's and women's NCAA Division II Basketball Tournaments.
  3. Wingate is the first men-s basketball team from the South Atlantic Conference to advance to the NCAA Division II Elite Eight.


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