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  1. Environmental geology is a study of the relationships between the physical features of the earth and the human population.
  2. Environmental geology is a required course within the Environmental Science and Earth Science degrees.
  3. Environmental Geology is the fastest growing field in geology.
  4. Environmental geology is a subject capable of engaging undergraduate students with differing interests.
  5. Environmental Geology - the field concerned with applying the findings of geologic research to the problems of land use and civil engineering.

Environmental Geology

  1. We will look at this topic from the perspective of environmental geology.
  2. As a subject, environmental geology has grown in popularity with the rise of interest in environmental issues.
  3. Note: The environmental geology minor is not open to environmental sciences or geosciences majors.
  4. Environmental Geology is taught every semester, normally in both morning and evening sections, and is also offered in the summers as well.
  5. This is the essence of Introduction to Environmental Geology, third edition.


  1. Hydrology and hydrogeology, two subdisciplines of environmental geology, deal specifically with water resources.
  2. There is plenty of (and growing) employment in environmental geology that requires geomorphology background.
  3. Environmental Geology investigates Earth's processes, Earth's resources, and the engineering properties of Earth's materials.
  4. In the education venue, it can be used as a virtual field trip to the environmental geology of the Omaha area.
  5. Faculty in other departments with related interests include Alan Busacca (pedology) and David Gaylord (sedimentology and environmental geology).


  1. Eyles, N. (1997d) Environmental geology of urban areas.
  2. Field work and laboratory assignments emphasize the glacial record of Metro Toronto and its bearing on urban environmental geology in this region.


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