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  1. Clonal propagation: Asexual reproduction of plants that are considered to be genetically uniform and originated from a single individual or explant. (Web site)


  1. At the time of dissection, no explant expressed Shh, consistent with the absence of Shh expression from alar neural tissue before ZLI formation in vivo.

Fungal Spores

  1. It is most important to keep bacteria and fungal spores away from the explant and nutrient medium. (Web site)


  1. Plant tissues known to be free of the pathogen under consideration (viral, bacterial, or fungal) are physically selected as the explant for tissue culture.
  2. Patients Of 952 OLTs performed between June 1991 and January 1999, 56 OLT recipients had histologically proven HCC in the explant liver.
  3. An "explant" is a piece of tissue taken from a donor plant for culturing. (Web site)


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