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  1. When a false null hypothesis is accepted, it is called Type II error (b).


  1. The more this assumption is violated, the more conservative ANCOVA becomes (the more likely it is to make Type I errors - accepting a false null hypothesis). (Web site)

Power Level

  1. Conventionally, studies should reach a power level of 0.8, such that four times out of five a false null hypothesis will be rejected by a study. (Web site)

Correct Decision

  1. If you reject the false null hypothesis, you have made a correct decision. (Web site)


  1. Power of a test is the probability of correctly rejecting a false null hypothesis.
  2. Statistical power (1 - β) is the probability of rejecting a false null hypothesis.

True Null Hypothesis

  1. The outcome that a researcher desires is to reject a false null hypothesis or to fail to reject a true null hypothesis. (Web site)

False Null Hypothesis

  1. The power of a statistical test is the probability that the test will reject a false null hypothesis (that it will not make a Type II error). (Web site)
  2. Rejecting a null hypothesis that is true is called a Type I error and failing to reject a false null hypothesis is called a Type II error. (Web site)
  3. However, smaller α-levels run greater risks of failing to reject a false null hypothesis (a Type II error), and so have less statistical power. (Web site)


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