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  1. Fanzines are fan-produced, 'dead-tree' (printed) versions of fan fiction.


  1. Listing of sites, fanzines, virtual seasons, original stories, and resources.
  2. A distributer of m/m slash, femslash and original gay fiction fanzines; find zines here from publishers without a website.


  1. Orientation: Fandom Is A Way Of Life; conventions, fanzines, clubs, APA's, feuds, the internet, fanspeak.
  2. I purchased a few collections of fanzines and have' ancient material not easily accessible to these correspondents.
  3. We're starting with some of the fanzines we published in Utah in 1976 and 1977, but would love to add any fannish Star Trek material of pre-movie vintage.


  1. A guide to works on-line including newsgroups, mailing lists, web pages, and FTP archives. Information about off-line media fanzines.
  2. Zine Zone is the online classified ad site for media fanzines.


  1. Agent With Style Fanzines - Publisher of gen and slash zines from Airwolf to Zorro.
  2. July Studios produces multifandom yaoi and slash fanzines twice a year.


  1. Open Directory Project Search: Top: Arts: Online_Writing : Fiction: Fan_Fiction: Fanzines: AllGen Press - Fanzines from AllGen Press.
  2. AllGen Press Fanzines from AllGen Press. Includes ordering and delivery information.
  3. A listing of fanzines currently available from Straight Up Press.

Ashton Press

  1. A listing of fanzines currently available from Criterion Press.
  2. Check out the main Ashton Press page for links to all of our sites, cartoons, photos, fanzines and more.
  3. Ashton Press Fanzines - Gen, adult het, and slash fiction from Stargate, Highlander, Star Wars, Blakes 7, Man From UNCLE, and Alias Smith and Jones.
  4. Listing of fanzines available from Del Floria's Press and Samizdat Press, covering many fandoms. Also: online fiction, convention listings, fan info.


  1. The Upstairs Closet Man From U.N.C.L.E. original fanzines by Kathleen J. Easley and collectable books from the 60's TV series.


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