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  1. Fayez Sarofim is a 'huge' pension manager, not a 'hugh' pension manager.
  2. Fayez Sarofim is a Coptic Christian Egyptian-born naturalized US citizen and fund manager for a number of Janus stock funds. (Web site)

Fayez Sarofim

  1. She stopped working at Fayez Sarofim and Company and moved into a house he bought her just outside River Oaks.
  2. In May 2006, Kinder and Morgan, with Fayez Sarofim and several investment banks, including Goldman Sachs, made an offer to take Kinder Morgan private.
  3. Fayez Sarofim ( Arabic: -------- -------------- ---) is a Coptic Egyptian American fund manager for a number of Dreyfus family stock funds. (Web site)
  4. Fayez Sarofim, 78, $1.5 billion, money management 317. (Web site)
  5. Company Profile provides detailed company information on Fayez Sarofim and Co.
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