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Fazeley Junction

  1. Eleven locks at Atherstone and two at Glascote drop the line to Fazeley Junction and the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal.

Ashby Canal

  1. It also has connections with the Oxford Canal, the Ashby Canal, and the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.


  1. We then headed north up the joint Coventry and Birmingham & Fazeley canal to the next junction, Fradley.


  1. Maps usually show the canal as a northern and a southern section, connected by a stretch of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.
  2. The Birmingham & Fazeley Canal comes in from the east, forming a network through the centre of the city of Birmingham. (Web site)
  3. In a suburb of Tamworth, at Fazeley Junction, boaters can turn west towards Birmingham along the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal.

Coventry Canal

  1. It sits astride the junction of the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal and Coventry Canal; at Fazeley Junction are a couple of multi storey mills.

Fazeley Canal

  1. At Fazeley in Tamworth there is a junction with the Birmingham & Fazeley Canal.
  2. This is along the main line of the Coventry Canal before the turn at Fazeley Junction onto the Birmingham and Fazeley Canal.
  3. From Fazeley to a point halfway to Fradley, maps show the canal as the "Birmingam, and Fazeley canal" (see History).


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