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Land Law

  1. As the title indicates, Craig's main concern is the feudal law and hence he deals primarily with land law.

Common Law

  1. Making much use of the itinerant justices to bring criminals to trial, Henry replaced feudal law by a body of royal or common law.

Feudal System

  1. All members, including the monarchs who headed the feudal system, enjoyed specific rights but were also bound by feudal law to perform fixed obligations.

Feudal Law

  1. An entity was considered Reichsstand (imperial estate) if, according to feudal law, it had no authority above it except the Holy Roman Emperor himself.
  2. Feudal law describes a political system which placed men and estates under the hierarchical distinctions of lords and vassals. (Web site)
  3. A legal system, in which Roman law was mixed with elements of canon law and of Germanic custom, especially feudal law, had emerged.


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