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  1. The fifth set was great tennis, and Roger deserved it.

Seventh Set

  1. Each of the fifth set of dimples 42 is preferably adjacent one of the seventh set of dimples 46. (Web site)

Fifth-Set Tiebreak

  1. Philippoussis trails 4-2 in the fifth set and fights off three match points in the fifth-set tiebreak. (Web site)


  1. Ljubicic, who fired 32 aces, took a 2-0 lead in the fifth set before Nadal broke back for 2-2 and eventually won in 3 hours, 51 minutes.


  1. In July, he defeated Sebastien Grosjean 9-7 in the fifth set of the Davis Cup quarterfinal between Brazil and France. (Web site)


  1. I just needed a chance, and I didn't get that until the fifth set," Agassi said.


  1. But Nadal made a key breakthrough in the 10th game of the fifth set to finally secure victory in five hours and 14 minutes.


  1. As the fifth set began, thoughts of Gullikson raced through his head, and he wept uncontrollably on the court. (Web site)


  1. It was also the longest fifth set in a men's Grand Slam final in history, surpassing the 20 games from 1927 in France. (Web site)


  1. Tipsarevic retired because of heat exhaustion in the fifth set more than 90 minutes after he wasted his chance at serving for the match. (Web site)

Roland Garros

  1. For me one of the worst defeats was in the semifinals at Roland Garros, when I clearly led against Stefan Edberg before he took me in the fifth set. (Web site)

Fourth Round

  1. He reached the fourth round at the Australian Open after defeating Frenchman Richard Gasquet 12-10 in the fifth set. (Web site)

Match Point

  1. In 1948 Bromwich played the American Bob Falkenburg for the Wimbledon Championship and had match point at 5–3 in the fifth set. (Web site)


  1. Nadal then produced his own version of a beautiful game as he snatched the second, third and fifth set from Verdasco. (Web site)

Third Round

  1. Spadea, who trailed 5-1 in the fifth set, could have faced Agassi in the third round. (Web site)

Roger Federer

  1. Who can forget just how close the American came to finally capturing Wimbledon a year ago, where he fell 16-14 in the fifth set to Roger Federer. (Web site)

Andy Roddick

  1. After losing 16-14 in the fifth set of the Wimbledon final, Andy Roddick fell 7-6 in the fifth set in the third round here. (Web site)
  2. Roger Federer held off Andy Roddick and won the longest fifth set ever in a Grand Slam final, 16-14. (Web site)

Wimbledon Final

  1. He was traveling in the States the day of the 2008 Wimbledon final, which Federer lost to nemesis Rafael Nadal 9-7 in the fifth set in fading light. (Web site)
  2. Federer edged Roddick 16-14 in the fifth set of the Wimbledon final in July. (Web site)
  3. I know how it is to play a fifth set in the final, in a Wimbledon final.

Quarter Final

  1. Mahaloth 07-03-2003, 11:17 AM Right now, Alexander Popp and Mark Philippousis are tied 6-6 in the fifth set of their quarter final. (Web site)


  1. The American was contesting his first event since losing a heart-breaking Wimbledon final to Roger Federer, 16-14 in the fifth set.


  1. Last year, Roddick lost to Olivier Mutis in the second round of the French Open, beaten 6-2 in the fifth set. (Web site)
  2. At one moment in the fifth set, while Roddick was needling the chair umpire, his coach, Brad Gilbert, pointed both index fingers to his temples. (Web site)
  3. However Roddick proved them otherwise, pushing Federer to an epic fifth set that consisted of 30 games and lasted a record-long 95 minutes.


  1. The closest of their matches came in the 1990 final, when Edberg won in five sets after being down a break in the fifth set. (Web site)
  2. He eventually led the match by a break in the fifth set but could not win it.

Wimbledon Title

  1. At the All England Club, he reclaimed the Wimbledon title by defeating Andy Roddick 16-14 in the fifth set and surpassing Sampras with his 15th major title. (Web site)


  1. Younes El Aynaoui, 4-6, 7-6 (7-5), 4-6, 6-4, 21-19, QF, 2003. The fifth set took 2:23, Roddick saved MP in 10th game of the fifth with inside-out forehand.
  2. A sixth set of data can be obtained from the fifth (e.g., identifying clusters of GPS data with which images in the fifth set are tagged), and so on. (Web site)

Match Points

  1. Federer led 4-1 in the fifth set and the top-ranked Swiss wasted two match points at 6-5, both with errant forehands.
  2. But by the start of the fifth set, Coria's cramps eased, and though hobbled, he fought his way to two match points at 6-5 against a befuddled Gaudio.


  1. The fifth set also broke the record for the most games in any set in a Wimbledon men's singles final, with a total 30 games played.
  2. Roddick saved a match point in the fourth set before going on to win that set and force a decisive fifth set.
  3. And that set up an epic fifth set that made the match the longest men's final in Wimbledon history.


  1. When one of the 14,000 well-meaning fans yelled out "Do it for your coach" early in the fifth set, Sampras wept uncontrollably.
  2. Sampras fought back from two sets down to take the issue in the fifth set. (Web site)
  3. Sampras was sick on court and struggling with stomach cramps as they headed into a fifth set tie break.


  1. Safin toppled Federer in an epic semifinal that year, coming through 9-7 in the fifth set after a spectacular confrontation. (Web site)
  2. Safin had no less than six match points in the fifth set, only to have Federer save them all.


  1. Three years ago at Wimbledon, Soderling extended Nadal to 7-5 in the fifth set in the third round after losing the first two sets. (Web site)
  2. In the third round of Wimbledon 2005, he served for a fifth set against defending champion, only to lose his way and lose in four tough sets. (Web site)
  3. He's off to a fantastic start at Wimbledon having defeated the #14 seed, Juan-Carlos Ferrero in the first round (6-1 in the fifth set).


  1. McEnroe had not lost a set going into the final; however, Connors won the fourth set tiebreak and the fifth set to win the championship.
  2. In the fourth round, McEnroe needed 4 hours 42 minutes to defeat ninth ranked Emilio Sanchez 8-6 in the fifth set.
  3. McEnroe, however, could not break Borg's serve in the fifth set, which the Swede won 8-6. (Web site)

Break Points

  1. Nadal showed no obvious signs of discomfort when he carved out break points at 1-1 and 2-2 in the fifth set.
  2. Agassi staved off early break points and got to 4-4 in the fifth set when Baghdatis tumbled to the ground with what appeared to be cramps in his right leg.


  1. As Nadal and Federer battled through the fifth set in fading light, they were like two heavyweights going toe-to-toe in the late rounds of a title fight. (Web site)
  2. And as the pressure ratcheted up in the fifth set, it was Federer who wilted, not Nadal.
  3. Verdasco pushed Nadal to his limits at the Aussie Open in 2009 and came ever so close to defeating him before falling in the fifth set.


  1. Federer won the first three points of the tiebreak and the match appeared headed for a decisive fifth set, but Nadal stormed back.
  2. Nicolas Almagro, 6-3 6-4 4-6 6-7(6) 9-7, Round of 16 Reuters Both featured one tiebreak and went into overtime in the fifth set. (Web site)

Richard Krajicek

  1. He was losing in the fifth set of three matches, against Richard Krajicek, Ivan Lendl, and Michael Chang, but he pulled out a victory in each.
  2. At the U.S. Open Kafelnikov was involved in a quarter final tussle with Richard Krajicek, finally coming through 7 points to 5 in the fifth set tie break.


  1. First, Blake lost to Agassi on a tiebreaker of the fifth set in the quarterfinals of the U.S. Open. (Web site)
  2. Agassi appeared to be on the verge of victory when Sampras called for a trainer midway through the fifth set to massage his aching shoulder. (Web site)
  3. He overcame cramping in the fifth set, trying to push the set into a tiebreaker, but Agassi broke his serve in the last game.


  1. Despite fighting back tears for much of the fifth set, Sampras still managed to win the match.
  2. In the fifth set, Blake recovered enough to break Agassi for a 3-2 lead, then had a chance to serve out the match at 5-4.
  3. But, at the start of the fifth set, Roddick will catch Federer off guard with one of his few great returns of the match off the backhand. (Web site)

Final Score

  1. The final score was 5–7, 7–6(6), 7–6(5), 3–6, 16–14, and the 30 total games in the fifth set was a new Grand Slam record. (Web site)

Grand Slam Final

  1. Never had Federer strayed into the fifth set of any Grand Slam final, let alone against a mobile blast furnace like Rafael Nadal.
  2. Federer also won the longest fifth set played at a Grand Slam final (16-14) in 2009.
  3. Earlier this month, Mr. Roddick narrowly lost the Wimbledon title to Roger Federer in the longest fifth set ever played in a Grand Slam final (16-14).


  1. Some context here: In his previous Grand Slam, Andy Roddick reached the Wimbledon final and, of course, lost heartbreakingly to Federer in the fifth set. (Web site)
  2. Last year’s Wimbledon final between Roger Federer and Andy Roddick will not soon be forgotten, after Federer prevailed in the fifth set, 16-14.
  3. Federer dominated Haas in the first two sets but Haas stepped it up, forcing Federer into making errors and extending the match to a fifth set.

Fifth Set

  1. At Wimbledon, they met again in the semifinals, where Agassi lost another close match to Rafter, 8-6 in the fifth set. (Web site)
  2. Roddick paused briefly but continued the match, which went a record 30 games in the fifth set before Federer won.
  3. In the fifth set, Blake served for the match at 5-4, but Agassi broke his serve, then won the tiebreak 8-6 to secure the victory at 1:15 a.m.


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