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  1. Flight plan is a suggestion for the flight. (Web site)
  2. A flight plan is the cheapest insurance you can get. (Web site)
  3. The flight plan is a description of the real flight.
  4. A flight plan is a document wich states intentions.
  5. The flight plan is a simple KOBE to KISM direct route.

Flight Plans

  1. There may be a lot of waypoints and airways in a European flight plan. (Web site)
  2. A valid flight plan must include a legal flight level at which the aircraft will traverse the airway. (Web site)


  1. At Hope we opened our flight plan on 126.7 (the national Canadian FSS frequency). (Web site)
  2. Even if you file an instrument flight plan, that is on file with the tower or with another air traffic control facility.
  3. Open my flight plan Red Bluff to Gnoss off at (time after the hour) Request winds at 3 and 6.
  4. If you don't have one, you should note "negative HF Radio" in the "Other Information" section of your flight plan. (Web site)
  5. Flight plan strips are not produced until the ATC facility receives acknowledgment from the carrier that the PDC has been acquired.


  1. You may advise Customs of arrival ETA by including the word ADCUS (Advise Customs) on your Flight Plan.
  2. This flight plan can be filed with Nassau or Freeport Radio and can be filed from the air during your return flight.
  3. When contacting U.S. International FSS, before filing a flight plan, ask for a Bahamas Notam Briefing. (Web site)
  4. When flying within the Bahamas Islands a flight plan is not necessary, except when departing Nassau or Grand Bahama.
  5. When a flight plan's calculated estimated arrival time is met and the aircraft has not landed, the FSS launch the distress phase.

Ifr Flight

  1. As such, the pilot does not require an IFR clearance to fly in IMC on his IFR flight plan. (Web site)
  2. Elastagirl’s violation of class A volcanic airspace while on an IFR flight plan have been reported. (Web site)
  3. NOTE: IFR operations in controlled airspace require filing an IFR flight plan and an appropriate ATC clearance. (Web site)


  1. Flight Plan (FPL) A form given by the pilot to air traffic control services.
  2. DVFR or IFR flight plan. (Web site)
  3. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed and an IFR flight plan was filed.
  4. Visual meteorological conditions prevailed at the time and an instrument flight rules flight plan was filed.
  5. Generally, a flight plan is not required for a flight under visual flight rules.


  1. Close your flight plan after arriving at your destination by calling FSS. (Web site)
  2. Flight Plan Term The planned route an aircraft will take during a flight.
  3. May be required for an IFR flight plan if poor weather is forecast at the planned destination. (Web site)


  1. ICAO flight plan form and instructions are attached.
  2. CURRENT FLIGHT PLAN [ICAO]- The flight plan, including changes, if any, brought about by subsequent clearances. (Web site)
  3. In most countries, an ICAO flight plan form is used instead of the abbreviated form U.S. pilots recognize. (Web site)


  1. A VFR flight plan was filed.
  2. A visual flight rules (VFR) flight plan has no air traffic control (ATC) significance.
  3. Unlike IFR there is no such thing as a VFR pop-up flight plan.
  4. No flight plan is required if remaining in the traffic pattern.
  5. The controller was busy and would not enter a flight plan into the system. (Web site)

File Flight

  1. Use phone on ground to call Rancho FSS to file flight plan.
  2. Before departure, IFR pilots file a flight plan and contact the clearance delivery controller to receive their clearance to fly.
  3. Feb. 15 - Don't expect to receive a face-to-face preflight weather briefing or file a flight plan in person at a flight service station anytime soon.

Must File

  1. Look: You file a flight plan to go from A to B and submit it to Eurocontrol.
  2. A The pilot must file a flight plan prior to departure. (Web site)
  3. To cross the ADIZ, you must file an IFR or a Defense VFR (DVFR) flight plan. (Web site)
  4. The program will enable you to login Nav Canada to file an online flight plan. (Web site)
  5. Everything you need to select airports, FBOs, routes, approaches, and file that flight plan is here. (Web site)


  1. Frequencies for airports in the flight plan and the destination airport can be obtained at any time by using a COMM hot key and entering the desired airport.
  2. Quick Info gives you Distance and an accurate ETE between two city pairs, without going through the process of entering a new Flight Plan.


  1. The fourth option ("CANCEL FPL UPDATE") is to forego a flight plan update (e.g., make a fuel stop). (Web site)
  2. If the flight plan calls for hold planning, the additional fuel and hold time should appear on the flight plan. (Web site)
  3. Checking that all the navigational aids are working, the pilot files a flight plan with a fuel stop midway.


  1. Under VFR, filing a flight plan is optional. (Web site)
  2. Correct answer : The route according to the flight plan is accepted. (Web site)
  3. DTC DUAT for your complete weather planning and flight plan filing.
  4. Airports En Route - Airports directory with flight plan calculator. (Web site)
  5. Filing a flight plan does not constitute a request for Customs notification. (Web site)


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