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  1. Foreign direct investment is an important tool for economic development, whether the countries are developed or developing.
  2. Foreign direct investment is a form of lending or finance in the area of equity participation.

Foreign Direct Investment

  1. In the US, in the late 1960s and early 1970s, foreign direct investment became increasingly politicized.
  2. The United States welcomes foreign direct investment and our companies invest overseas as well.
  3. This argument is more appealing in the case of foreign direct investment, and less obvious when foreigners simply purchase the existing stock of assets.
  4. Foreign direct investment in Romania.
  5. Foreign direct investment has grown less, and so have the private sectors.


  1. Many analysts and experts alike have given a thumb up for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) as a veritable booster to kick-start the Nigerian economy.
  2. Foreign direct investment (FDI): Overseas investments by private multinational corporations. (Web site)


  1. Outward foreign direct investment, sometimes called "direct investment abroad", is when local capital is invested in foreign resources.
  2. Inward foreign direct investment is a particular form of inward investment when foreign capital is invested in local resources.
  3. Horizontal Foreign Direct Investment: is investment in the same industry abroad as a firm operates in at home.
  4. While there have been some notable foreign investments in the last ten years, South Africa’s record in attracting foreign direct investment is poor.


  1. Total foreign direct investment (FDI) was only $3.4 billion in 2006, up 52% from a poor performance in 2005. (Web site)
  2. European companies poured $36 billion of foreign direct investment into the United States in the same two quarters.
  3. Foreign direct investment in Chile continued at a record pace in 1997, adding $5.0 billion to the total stock. (Web site)
  4. The United States accounted for 37.8% of the total $11.2 billion stock of non-petroleum foreign direct investment in Colombia at the end of 1997. (Web site)
  5. Even accounting for a net surplus of foreign trade and foreign direct investment, $85.1 billion cannot be explained, said Wu.


  1. As a backdrop to your discussions on portfolio investment, I thought some comments on foreign direct investment (FDI) could be useful.
  2. Foreign Private Investment flows to Nigeria comprise portfolio investment and foreign direct investment; Portfolio is far more recent and less significant.


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