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  1. Fukuzawa Yukichi was Kanbun -educated but avoided the gaucheries of the deliberately elevated Kanbun style.
  2. Fukuzawa Yukichi was born in 1834 in the province of Bungo (Kyushu) into a lower level samurai family.
  3. Fukuzawa Yukichi was a member of the first ever Japanese delegation to the United States, in 1860. (Web site)

Fukuzawa Yukichi

  1. I Disagree with the statement: "Fukuzawa Yukichi was Eurocentric".
  2. Fukuzawa Yukichi became the most popular spokesman for the Westernizing policies of the new government.
  3. Most outstanding seemed to be the activity of one of the mission members named Fukuzawa Yukichi.
  4. Among the Tekijuku graduates is Fukuzawa Yukichi, who played an active role in the Meiji government.
  5. Many people, including Fukuzawa Yukichi, came here from all over Japan to study Dutch Learning. (Web site)
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