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  1. FutureGen is an initiative to equip multiple new clean coal power plants with advanced carbon capture and storage (CCS) technology.
  2. FutureGen is a $1 billion federal project to design, build and operate the world's most advanced, emissions-free, coal-fueled power plant.
  3. FutureGen is a public-private partnership to build a first-of-its-kind coal-fueled, near-zero emissions power plant.
  4. FutureGen is a public-private sponsorship that will create the world's first coal-based electricity and hydrogen plant with near-zero emissions.
  5. FutureGen is designed to be the cleanest fossil fuel-fired power plant in the world.


  1. In the process, FutureGen will create unique opportunities for scientific exploration, education, and stakeholder engagement.


  1. The DOE outlines what it believes to be beneficial impacts of FutureGen other than a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.


  1. India is the first CSLF member to participate in FutureGen.


  1. Demonstration projects like FutureGen are essential to the success of this new technology.


  1. The FutureGen project will be supported by the leading U.S. sources of technology and innovation: universities, national laboratories, and industry.
  2. First, the President welcomed India as the first country to participate on the government steering committee of the FutureGen project.


  1. Texas officials, who in December seemed resigned to a future without FutureGen, said they weren't surprised by the DOE's change of heart.

President Bush

  1. President Bush is expected to submit his budget for 2009 to Congress next week, though it's unclear how much money he proposes for FutureGen.

Energy Policy Act

  1. Future plants based on FutureGen should qualify for several provisions of the Energy Policy Act of 2005.


  1. The Department of Energy pulled its financial support from a project known as FutureGen, which would have been a first-of-its-kind cleanish plant.
  2. Now, only six weeks later, the Department of Energy has unexpectedly and unceremoniously killed FutureGen.
  3. She said Bodman would announce a revamped plan for FutureGen "within days" but declined to say whether the project in Mattoon would survive.


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