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  1. General Hospital is the best soap, I love so many people on the show and their are a lot of hotties.
  2. General Hospital is a VERY Cool show It's changed so much since I've been watching.

General Hospital

  1. In 1994, Anthony Geary & Genie Francis were invited to make a cameo as their General Hospital roles as Luke & Laura Spencer on Roseanne.
  2. Gloria Monty of General Hospital fame was a longtime director of the series.
  3. This would cause OLTL to lose a sustantial audience share, but its lead-in, General Hospital, experienced even worse losses.
  4. These included Ingo Rademacher, now famous for his separate roles in American series Titans and General Hospital. (Web site)
  5. If you have a web page for any of the ABC Daytime soaps (All My Children, General Hospital, Port Charles, One Life to Live), this ring is for you.


  1. There is fanfiction as well as pictures about Jax and V from General Hospital.
  2. Robin Christopher had reprised the role of Skye on One Life to Live in 1999, and the character was transplanted to General Hospital in 2001.
  3. General Hospital Episode Guide - A large site of episodes dating back to 1997, with episode descriptions and credits.
  4. On GENERAL HOSPITAL, Coop may be living single, but in real life, his portrayer, Jason Gerhardt, is a devoted family man.
  5. Unlike other popular soaps of the day, like Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, AW was written with characters' histories in mind.

Daytime Drama

  1. This page is dedicated to ABC's wonderful daytime drama General Hospital.
  2. By 1972, General Hospital had become the top-rated daytime drama, having toppled Days of Our Lives and As the World Turns from their top positions.
  3. During his GENERAL HOSPITAL career, Geary has won five Daytime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor, the most for any actor on the show.

Message Board

  1. Information, a message board and pictures of Stuart Damon, who portrays Alan Quartermaine on General Hospital.
  2. Information, a message board and pictures of Nancy Lee Grahn, who portrays Alexis Davis on General Hospital.
  3. General Hospital Official ABC site includes daily updates, cast bios, interviews, photos, GH history, message boards, trivia and games.


  1. Aly Zone has tons of advance spoilers and scoops for General Hospital.
  2. General Hospital at Bella Online - Weekly feature articles, scoops, chat, discussion forum, and links.

Port Charles

  1. Two in-studio guests, Billy Warlock from General Hospital and Julie Pinson from Port Charles, happened to appear on the show together.
  2. Who has time to spend precious Days of our Lives watching Dawson's Creek and Port Charles unless we are bedridden patients in General Hospital. (Web site)


  1. I agree that Lucky and Liz are General Hospital's hottest couple.
  2. It's great because us Elizabeth and Lucky fans from General Hospital are having a rough time right now.


  1. One Life to Live and General Hospital 's openings were done in similar ways to the AMC opening. (Web site)
  2. General Hospital Palace - Includes news, opinions, polls, and photographs.
  3. Profiles and information on the stars of Passions, the Young & the Restless, the Bold and the Beautiful and General Hospital. (Web site)
  4. General Hospital Heaven - Includes character and actor information, quizzes, photographs, and wallpaper.


  1. Dominiqua's World is a website that contains fan fiction for General Hospital and The X-Files.
  2. This page contains the latest news on General Hospital and its cast, Vanessa Marcil & Beverly Hills, 90210.


  1. General Hospital and Port Charles news and spoilers together on one site.
  2. World of General Hospital - Latest news, events, gossip, and spoilers for General Hospital. (Web site)

Daily Recaps

  1. The best place on the web to find General Hospital Daily Recaps.
  2. General Hospital Fans - Categorized links, scoops and spoilers, daily recaps, forums and free e-mail newsletter.
  3. This site has everything about General Hospital, daily recaps, pictures, info about the stars and their charachters and anything else I can get my hands on.


  1. Home to various websites and an extensive gallery dedicated to ABC's General Hospital and Port Charles.
  2. Braylee's General Hospital Page - Features song files, a photo galleries and links.

Fan Club

  1. We are a fan club dedicated to General Hospital and Port Charles.
  2. WebSite devoted to GHFS,a General Hospital Fan Club,you can check out pictures,trivia,and much, much, more.


  1. This sight is dedicated to General Hospital's supercouple Sonny and Brenda.
  2. This page is dedicated to many of the couples in the history of General Hospital.
  3. This is a page dedicated to my favorite couple on General Hospital Jason Morgan and Robin Scorpio.
  4. A page showcasing HOT EXCLUSIVE Video snapshots of Sarah Brown and Steve Burton from General Hospital and put in a recap form.


  1. In 1992, he joined "General Hospital" and tookover the role of Ned Ashton, a role he still portrays.
  2. Wally has spent the last 6 years as a member of the "General Hospital" cast portraying Ned Ashton.


  1. This is dedicated to my favorite show - General Hospital.
  2. My site is dedicated to my favorite soap, General Hospital.
  3. I love that you featured so many shows and Becky Herbst from General Hospital is my favorite.
  4. A site where you can find lots of pictures of your favorite General Hospital characters, and where you can also find cool things about General Hospital.


  1. Characters, history, photos and current happenings on General Hospital.
  2. General Hospital Happenings - News, screen captures, transcripts, spoilers, and discussion.


  1. One of the first and most popular supercouples was Luke Spencer and Laura Webber in General Hospital.
  2. This page is devoted to the couple Nikolas Cassadine and Sarah Webber from General Hospital.


  1. The Port Charles Web Ring - This is the ring to follow if you are a fan of General Hospital or Port Charles.
  2. To join the Ring of General Hospital, fill out the simple form below. (Web site)


  1. Information, a message board and pictures of Shell Kepler, who portrays Amy Vining on General Hospital.
  2. Information, pictures and a message board for Jacklyn Zeman, who portrays Bobbie Spencer on General Hospital.


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