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  1. Geologic map - A geologic map that is the result of at least 2-3 years of fieldwork and detailed study.
  2. A geologic map is a special-purpose map made for the purpose of showing subsurface geological features.
  3. A geologic map is an interpretation by a geologist, based on limited data, of how the underlying geology presently intersects the Earth's surface.
  4. A geologic map is a two-dimensional graphic representation of selected geologic features on a part of the earth as observed and interpreted by the authors.
  5. A geologic map is also an analytic device.

Geologic Maps

  1. Geologic map represetation of tilted sedimentary rocks.
  2. The oldest preserved geologic map is the Turin papyrus, made around 1150 BCE for gold deposits in Egypt.
  3. Draft or Preliminary geologic map (Open File Map) - A reconnaisance level geologic map produced after 1 year and 3-4 months in the field.

Geological Survey

  1. There are almost no geologic map resources for some states, while a few states, such as Kentucky, are extensively mapped geologically.
  2. A fascinating story of the first modern geologic map is told in The Map that Changed the World, by Simon Winchester.
  3. This also links into the colors of the geologic map.
  4. Geologic map coverage for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts is far from complete.
  5. Oh definitely.That's another piece of the geologic map that's very important.

National Park

  1. Surficial geologic map of the Huckleberry Mountain quadrangle, Yellowstone National Park and adjoining area, Wyoming.
  2. Surficial geologic map of the Abiathar Peak quadrangle, and parts adjacent quadrangles, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming and Montana.


  1. The Office of Geology in September 2004 released for sale one new geologic map in the Open-File Reports series.
  2. In this sense, a geologic map is a status report of the current understanding of the geology underlying an area.


  1. Figure 3. Geologic map body part of the DGGS data model, expressed as a UML class diagram.
  2. The diagrams depict only the generalized, interpreted, and classified data that are contained in a completed geologic map.
  3. This diagram shows the geometric, logical, and content rules developed by DGGS staff for implementation into a geologic map database.
  4. A search tool for lithologic and geochronologic unit names within the National Geologic Map Database.


  1. On a geologic map this is represented with a short straight line segment oriented parallel to the compass direction of the strike.
  2. To identify such a bed on a geologic map, a strike and dip symbol is used.
  3. A fold axis (a line that follows through the crest, or peak, of a fold) is represented on a geologic map by a line thicker than a depositional contact line.


  1. The geologic map is a reduced and simplified version of the "Geologic Map of New York," published in six separate sheets at 1:250,000 scale.
  2. There you can search for geologic map by state, by geologic name, by format (paper, digital), scale, author, title and more.


  1. The great USGS Colorado geologic map, presented at full size.
  2. Figure 16 - Geologic map of Manhattan Island showing a new interpretation of the stratigraphy and structure of Manhattan Island.
  3. Merewether, E. A., 1960, Geologic map of the igneous and metamorphic rocks of Montana showing locations of uranium deposits: U.S. Geol.


  1. The Geologic Map of the Known World displays geologic units chiefly by age and lithology, not by geologic formations and terranes.
  2. To complete coverage of the Monument, a simple geologic map was compiled and produced, with some new field work in Quaternary units, for the unmapped region.
  3. Finally, the geologist prepares a geologic map by interpreting the distribution of and relationships between rock units.


  1. This geologic map is a guide to the bedrock geology at 1:24,000 scale, but it is not a substitute for site specific data.
  2. The bedrock geologic map gives a vertical view of the pattern made by the eroded edges and surfaces of the rock bodies that crop out in the State.


  1. Understanding these features will allow you to understand much of the geology shown in almost any standard geologic map.
  2. The geologic map components shown in Figure 2 represent the physical parts of the map as defined by the DGGS working group.

Cross Section

  1. All of the descriptive information that accompanies the graphic portion of a geologic map or cross section.
  2. Several faults not shown on the geologic map are shown in the cross section as examples of their character and importance.


  1. The geology class contains information about the earth materials and features depicted on a geologic map.
  2. On the previous Geologic Map of North America, the only information depicted in submarine areas was bathymetric contours.

Different Scales

  1. California geologic map, at four different scales.
  2. Hawaii geologic map from the USGS, presented at four different scales.
  3. Washington state geologic map, at three different scales, presented with notes.


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