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Benjamin Boretz

  1. Benjamin Boretz is a twentieth- and twenty-first-century music theorist and composer.
  2. Benjamin Boretz is a twentieth- and twenty-first-century American music theorist and composer .
  3. Benjamin Boretz is a twentieth- and twenty-first-century American composer and music theorist .


  1. The composer is the only one of the creators today who is denied direct access with the public.
  2. The composer was in attendance at many of the recording sessions.
  3. The composer was undeniably precocious, submitting his Piano Concerto No.
  4. A composer is a person who writes music.
  5. The composer was branded in public as aesthetizing formalist and his work as extreme left abnormality.

Leonardo Balada

  1. Leonardo Balada is a Catalan born composer, long resident in the United States, who has been heavily championed by Naxos.

Christopher Fox

  1. CHRISTOPHER FOX is a co-owner of Namaste Solar Electric, specializing in installation.
  2. Christopher Fox is a composer, based in the north of England, where he was born in 1955.
  3. Christopher Fox is a composer, teacher and writer on new music.
  4. Christopher Fox is a composer.
  5. Christopher Fox is a partner in our Melbourne office where he specialises in dispute resolution.


  1. The composition is an attempt to capture a happy, buzzing and teasing bee-s seemingly erratic jagged and smooth moves.
  2. A composition was made with all the sounds received and took place on the PLAY.orchestra installation in the last two weeks of its showing.
  3. The composition was realized at the University of Illinois Computer Music Project with final edits in the Experimental Music Studios.
  4. The composition was written as a memorial to J. Clifton Williams, noted composer and former teacher of McBeth at the University of Texas.


  1. The album is a journey that you will find relaxing and easy to listen to.
  2. The album was recorded by John Coltrane's quartet on December 9, 1964 at the Van Gelder studio in Englewood Cliffs, New Jersey.

Allen Shawn

  1. Allen Shawn is a composer and writer.
  2. Allen Shawn is a composer and author who teaches at Bennington College.
  3. Allen Shawn is a composer of a large catalogue of orchestral and chamber music.
  4. Allen Shawn is a composer, pianist and author.
  5. Allen Shawn is a successful composer, pianist, teacher, and author.

Alwynne Pritchard

  1. Alwynne Pritchard is an energetic and provocative presence on the British New Music scene.
  2. Alwynne Pritchard was born in Glasgow in 1968 and as a teenager began having composition lessons with her father Gwyn Pritchard.
  3. Alwynne Pritchard was born in Glasgow in 1968.
  4. Alwynne Pritchard is an energetic and provocative presence on the British New Music scene.
  5. Alwynne Pritchard was born in Glasgow in 1968 and as a teenager began having composition lessons with her father Gwyn Pritchard.


  1. Anderson is a boisterous trombonist who is masterful at multiphonics.
  2. Anderson is a real tinkerer.
  3. Anderson is a recipient of the Silver Buffalo Award , the highest adult award given by the Boy Scouts Of America .
  4. Anderson is a master of melody, creating the whimsical and the heartfelt.
  5. Anderson was accompanied by the Finnish accompanist Kosti Vehanen, who introduced Marian to Jean Sibelius in 1933.

Andrew Downes

  1. Andrew Downes is a wonderful composer, whose music encompasses an eclectic range of different styles and backgrounds.

Angelo Gilardino

  1. Angelo Gilardino is a genius no doubt and his music is eternal.
  2. Angelo Gilardino was born in Vercelli in 1941 where he later studied (guitar, violoncello and composition) in the local music schools.

Barbara Kolb

  1. The Barbara Kolb is one I'd like to spend more time with, because it seemed very fresh to me and even whimsical in places.
  2. Barbara Kolb vinyl records, cds and memorobilia.
  3. Barbara Kolb music albums for sale.
  4. Barbara Kolb home page at


  1. The authors are Meirion and Susie Harries, publisher Michael Joseph, ISBN 0718125479. Now for the rub, it is out of print.
  2. The authors were granted unprecedented access to Messiaen's private archives by his widow, Yvonne Loriod-Messiaen.

Ben Neill

  1. BEN NEILL is a composer, performer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument.
  2. BEN NEILL is a composer, performer, producer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet, a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument.
  3. BEN NEILL is a performer, composer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet , a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument.
  4. Ben Neill is a composer, performer, producer and inventor of the "mutantrumpet," an electro-acoustic instrument.
  5. BEN NEILL is a composer, performer, producer, and inventor of the mutantrumpet , a hybrid electro-acoustic instrument.

Bernard Rands

  1. Through more than a hundred published works and many recordings, Bernard Rands is established as a major figure in contemporary music.
  2. Bernard Rands (born Sheffield, England, 2 March 1934) is a composer of contemporary classical music.
  3. He went on to receive a Ph.D. in Music from Harvard University, where his primary teachers were Bernard Rands and Mario Davidovsky.

Beth Anderson

  1. Beth Anderson is a composer of new romantic music, text-sound works, and musical theater.
  2. Beth Anderson is an American neo-romantic composer.

Betty Freeman

  1. Betty Freeman is an accomplished photographer.
  2. Betty Freeman was born in Chicago, Illinois, in 1921 and was raised in Brooklyn, New York.
  3. Betty Freeman was his patron.

Brendan Adamson

  1. Pieces for solo robots by R. Luke DuBois and J. Brendan Adamson will also be performed by the robot ensemble.
  2. Please search for Brendan Adamson in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
  3. RoboRecital, a concert of mechanical music presented by composer J. Brendan Adamson, will include no human performers.
  4. During the concert, composer J. Brendan Adamson will present his own works but also Bach's Die Kunst der Fuge, BWV 1080, Contrapuncti Nos.

Brian Ferneyhough

  1. Brian Ferneyhough was awarded the Siemens Prize for Music at a ceremony hosted by the Ernst von Siemens Siemens Stiftung in Munich on 3 May 2007.


  1. Britten was a true humanist.
  2. Britten was born in Lowestoft in Suffolk, the son of a dentist and a talented amateur musician.

Bruce Maccombie

  1. For more information on Bruce MacCombie and his music, please visit
  2. He later completed his academic work at Yale University under the tutelage of Jacob Druckman, Bruce MacCombie and Robert Moore.

Buenos Aires

  1. Buenos Aires is a major center for psychoanalysis, particularly the Lacanian school.
  2. Buenos Aires is the financial, industrial, commercial, and cultural hub of Argentina.
  3. Buenos Aires was the cradle of Peronism: the now-mythical demonstration of October 17, 1945 took place in Plaza de Mayo.
  4. Buenos Aires is a great city, but even its appeal can wear thin after enough time.
  5. Buenos Aires was the 13th city in the world to get its own subway system, according to Metrovias.

Carlos Rafael Rivera

  1. Carlos Rafael Rivera was a great Puerto Rican Singer and songwriter who passed away last April.
  2. Carlos Rafael Rivera is a multi-faceted musician whose compositions have been recorded by Warner Classics, Sony Classical, Naxos and Cedille records.

Carl Stone

  1. Carl Stone is a computer music authority and his work is mature and precise.
  2. Carl Stone is a computer music authority now living and teaching in Japan.
  3. Carl Stone is a former student of Morton Subotnick and James Tenney and has composed electro-acoustic music exclusively since 1972.
  4. Carl Stone is a master of process music.
  5. Carl Stone is a pioneer of live computer music, hailed by the Village Voice as 'the king of sampling'.


  1. The characters are cardboard cut-out stereotypes who are not developed from the first page to the last.
  2. The characters are sort of light-hearted.

Colin Matthews

  1. Colin Matthews was born in London in 1946.
  2. Colin Matthews is a central figure in contemporary British music.

Chiel Meijering

  1. Chiel Meijering werd op 15 juni 1954 in Amsterdam geboren.
  2. Chiel Meijering has always been an outsider among Dutch composers.
  3. Chiel Meijering studied composition with Ton de Leeuw, percussion with Jan Labordus and Jan Pustjens, and piano at the Amsterdam Conservatory of Music.


  1. Comments are closed.
  2. Comments are often posted by those using fake names or those who wish to remain anonymous.
  3. Comments are open, but moderated, so feel free to praise or diss any of the first few announced works.
  4. Comments are owned by the Poster.
  5. Comments are the sole responsibility of the person posting them.


  1. The choir was established in 1966 by the conductor, Malcolm Cottle and he has remained the Musical Director.
  2. The choir was founded by James Wood , and together they stirred things up with a new work which I featured in an early post here.


  1. Cowell was elected to the American Institute of Arts and Letters in 1951.
  2. Cowell was granted a pardon in 1942.

Craig Armstrong

  1. Craig Armstrong is a Home School father and has been married to Gayle since 1974.
  2. Craig Armstrong is a composer whose music is very hard to pigeon-hole, having seemingly worked in very disparate parts of the music business.
  3. Craig Armstrong is a man and musician after my own heart.
  4. Craig Armstrong is a man of many talents and is releasing Film Works 1995-2005, a musical biography of his work in the world of film.
  5. Craig Armstrong is a much respected composer and musician from Glasgow, Scotland.

Daniel James Wolf

  1. Daniel James Wolf (born September 13, 1961 in Upland, California) is a composer and music scholar.
  2. His major theatrical work was the libretto for an "Opera Seria for Handpuppets," The White Canoe, to a score by the composer Daniel James Wolf.
  3. Daniel James Wolf (born September 13, 1961 in Upland, California) is an American composer of serious music and a music scholar.
  4. Cage's concept of an "anarchic harmony" has been taken up by younger composers, including Andrew Culver and Daniel James Wolf.

Daron Hagen

  1. Daron Hagen is a good composer who mentored with Ned Rorem, and some of his songs have that French flavor you'd enjoy.
  2. DARON HAGEN is a member of the Phoenix Players.
  3. Daron Hagen is a composer worth listening to.
  4. Daron Hagen is a composer worth.
  5. Daron Hagen is an American composer of concert music and opera.


  1. CONDITION: a solid, square, unmarked, uncreased copy with light shelf-wear - now in a clear, protective polypropylene bag.
  2. Condition: LIKE NEW - inspected, shrinkwrapped, rejeweled, and quality guaranteed pre-owned product.

Corey Dargel

  1. Here you can listen to some of Corey Dargel's music.
  2. The Brooklyn-based composer-vocalist Corey Dargel is a baroquely unclassifiable artist whose songs fall between classical art song and indie pop.

David Del Tredici

  1. David Del Tredici is a composer who likes to anticipate changes in musical fashion.

David Conte

  1. David Conte is a guy I wish the Hawks could bring in.
  2. David Conte is the chief financial officer of Opsware Inc.
  3. David Conte is a professor of composition at the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

David Matthews

  1. David Matthews is a fastidious craftsman and a most distinguished composer with a sizeable body of substantial orchestral and chamber works to his credit.
  2. David Matthews is a member of Public Strategies--- media relations practice group in the firm---s Dallas office.
  3. David Matthews is a member of the Guild of Professional Practitioners and holds ITEC qualifications.
  4. David Matthews is a principal of the firm specializing in real estate transactions with an emphasis on retail leasing.
  5. David Matthews is a talented composer and accomplished pianist.

Deirdre Gribbin

  1. Deirdre Gribbin is a charismatic and intriguing new voice in contemporary music.

De Alvear

  1. El Milion, in Parana, between Santa Fe and Marcelo T. de Alvear is a very nice upscale bar.
  2. Rather than repeating small fragments, de Alvear is more concerned with focusing on chords that gradually grow louder and more forceful.
  3. Very importantly, the music of Maria de Alvear is inspired by indigenous cultures, including those of Native Americans.

Edgar Meyer

  1. Edgar Meyer is a classically trained and bluegrass bent bass player.
  2. Edgar Meyer is a hybrid performer-composer.
  3. Edgar Meyer is a masterful composer and bassist.
  4. Edgar Meyer is a virtuoso bassist and a composer who's as likely to write a classical concerto as a country tune.
  5. Edgar Meyer is probably the greatest bassist ever, and nowhere does he showcase it better than on this album.

Edward Mcguire

  1. Edward McGuire is a leading broadcaster and company director.
  2. Edward McGuire is a character created by an Australian comedian Charles Firth as research for his book "American Hoax".
  3. Edward McGuire is a curious person and I mean that kindly.
  4. Edward McGuire is a strategic economist and consultant --- and has always been on the side of controversy.
  5. Edward McGuire was born in Glasgow in 1948.


  1. Eespere is a significant choral composer who has written numerous large-scale pieces for soloists, chorus and orchestra which utilize his own texts.

Einojuhani Rautavaara

  1. Einojuhani Rautavaara is a composer of international repute.
  2. Einojuhani Rautavaara is a contemporary Finnish composer who studied under Jean Sibelius at the Sibelius Academy, Finland's music university.
  3. Einojuhani Rautavaara is one of Finland's best-loved composers, and he has come to Minnesota with a new work, which premieres this weekend.
  4. Einojuhani Rautavaara is the only Finnish composer whose opera output spans the entire transition period in Finnish opera.

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