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American Illustrators

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  1. Cartoonists are invited to submit their work (or the work of someone else) for consideration for one or more of the following Division Awards.
  2. Cartoonists is a professional association concerned with promoting the interests of staff, freelance and student editorial cartoonists in Canada.


  1. The illustrations are also an issue.
  2. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful.
  3. The illustrations are based on the Universal Waite Tarot Deck, recolored to add a contemporary appeal.
  4. The illustrations are beautiful. (Web site)
  5. The illustrations are bold, simple, and eye catching all at once.


  1. Abbey was an illustrator with Harper's Weekly from 1871-1874.
  2. Abbey was made a full member of the Royal Academy in 1898.
  3. Abbey was so ill, that his studio assistant, Ernest Board completed the work with little supervision from Abbey.


  1. Adkins was in at the start of Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, for Tower Comics, drawing many Dynamo stories during his 16 months in the Wood Studio.
  2. Adkins was in at the start of Wood's T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents, for Tower Comics, drawing many Dynamo stories during his 16 months in the Wood Studio. (Web site)

Alison Relyea

  1. Alison Relyea is a professional illustrator whose work has appeared in many best-selling children's books.

Amazing Spider-Man

  1. The Amazing Spider-Man is the character's flagship series. (Web site)
  2. The Amazing Spider-Man is the title of a comic book published by Marvel Comics, a television program and a daily newspaper comic strip.

Arnold Armitage

  1. Arnold Armitage is a British oil painter who specialised in wholesome country girls.
  2. Arnold Armitage was a British -born artist and illustrator, best known for his work with pin-up art. (Web site)
  3. Arnold Armitage is a British oil painter who specialized in wholesome country girls.

Barry Moser

  1. Barry Moser is a National Book Award-winning artist and the illustrator of more than 200 books for adults and children.
  2. Barry Moser is a big bear of a man with a full white beard and the Tennessee accent of a Bible Belt preacher (which at age 19, is what he was).
  3. Barry Moser is a master book maker.
  4. Barry Moser is a neighbor of mine and a friend, and wandering around his house is like a course in art and illustration.
  5. Barry Moser is a renowned artist, most famous as a printmaker and illustrator of numerous works of literature.

Bernie Wrightson

  1. Bernie Wrightson is a favorite creator of 10 users.
  2. Bernie Wrightson is a legend.

Bill Peet

  1. Bill Peet is a well known children's author and illustrator.
  2. Bill Peet is a great illustrator and worked for Disney.
  3. Bill Peet is a Winner In addition to his marvelous children's stories, Bill Peet wrote an awesome autobiography--ideal for 8-12 year olds.
  4. Bill Peet is a fabulous writer.
  5. Bill Peet is a favourite children's author.

Brett Helquist

  1. Brett Helquist is an American illustrator best known for his work in the children's books A Series of Unfortunate Events. (Web site)
  2. Brett Helquist was born in Ganado, Arizona, grew up in Orem, Utah, and now lives in Brooklyn, New York. (Web site)


  1. Brom is a fantasy artist who is best known for his work on his work Dark Sun, Deadlands, collectable card games, and book covers.
  2. Brom is a fictional character in Christopher Paolini 's Inheritance Trilogy. (Web site)
  3. Brom was graduated from high school in Frankfurt, Germany.
  4. The BROM is a 8kb sized EEPROM located inside the ATJ20xx , which holds the 1st-stage bootstrap code and gets automatically executed on any power-up.

Carl Barks

  1. Carl Barks is a favorite creator of 10 users.
  2. Carl Barks is a genious who wrote many comics on Daffy Duck.
  3. Carl Barks is a genious.
  4. Carl Barks is a god.
  5. Carl Barks is one of the world ' s most legendary comic artists. (Web site)

Charles Vess

  1. Charles Vess is a master of fantasy art.
  2. Charles Vess is a master of artwork involving fantasy.
  3. Charles Vess is a long - time fav of mine.
  4. Charles Vess is an accomplished fantasy artist and comic-book illustrator who has specialized the illustration of myths and fairy tales.
  5. Charles Vess was born on June 10, 1951 in Lynchburg, Virginia and began drawing comic art as a child. (Web site)

Crockett Johnson

  1. Crockett Johnson is a much-loved author and illustrator of five books about Harold and his purple crayon.
  2. Crockett Johnson is the much-loved author and illustrator of five books about Harold and The Purple Crayon.
  3. Crockett Johnson was the pen name of cartoonist and children's book illustrator David Johnson Leisk (October 20,1906---July 11, 1975). (Web site)

David Lee Ingersoll

  1. David Lee Ingersoll is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Seattle, United States.
  2. David Lee Ingersoll is a cartoonist and illustrator based in Seattle.

Drew Struzan

  1. Drew Struzan is a modern day master of the craft!".
  2. Drew Struzan is a genius.
  3. Drew Struzan is a talented man, but there---s something about this teaser art I just don---t like.
  4. Drew Struzan is a true master at what he does.
  5. Drew Struzan is the best-kept secret in Hollywood. (Web site)


  1. Endpapers are a solid white color.
  2. Endpapers are a plain off-white color with some darkening to hinges.
  3. Endpapers are a solid black color.
  4. Endpapers are a solid dark blue color that has faded somewhat, especially around the edges of the paper.
  5. Endpapers are colored blue.

Eric Rohmann

  1. Eric Rohmann is an author and illustrator of books for young readers.
  2. Eric Rohmann is a painter, printmaker, and a bookmaker. (Web site)
  3. Eric Rohmann is a native of Illinois, who now lives outside Chicago. (Web site)
  4. Eric Rohmann is a painter, printmaker, and fine bookmaker.
  5. Eric Rohmann is an author and illustrator of children's books. (Web site)

Jim Steranko

  1. Jim Steranko is a favorite creator of 14 users. (Web site)
  2. Jim Steranko is a graphics man and a phenomenal one.
  3. Jim Steranko is a great man who is generous and kind. (Web site)
  4. Jim Steranko is a well known figure, but WHERE he came from, and WHY he fought with Stan Lee at the height of his success was very helpful.
  5. Jim Steranko is the classic example of a mad creative genius. (Web site)

Joe Orlando

  1. Joe Orlando was an illustrator, writer, editor and cartoonist. (Web site)
  2. Joe Orlando was an illustrator, writer, editor and cartoonist who was born April 4 , 1927 , in Bari , Italy , and died December 23 , 1998 , in Manhattan.
  3. Joe Orlando is a personal injury lawyer, specializing in Maritime Law.
  4. Joe Orlando is a real person; he's a VP at DC now.
  5. Joe Orlando was born on April 4, 1927 in Bari, Italy, and arrived in the United States in 1929.

Kazu Kibuishi

  1. Kazu Kibuishi is a comic book and webcomic writer, artist, and editor.
  2. Kazu Kibuishi is a L.A.-based creator of graphic novel anthology, Flight, and a graphic novelist in his own right.
  3. Kazu Kibuishi is a creator who believes that a man can reach for the heavens above.
  4. Kazu Kibuishi is a graphic novel artist and author, and creator and editor of the outstanding Flight anthologies of comics.
  5. Kazu Kibuishi is a graphic novel author.

Mark Frauenfelder

  1. Mark Frauenfelder is a blogger, illustrator, and journalist.
  2. Mark Frauenfelder is a contributing editor at Wired.
  3. Mark Frauenfelder is a contributing editor to PopSci.
  4. Mark Frauenfelder is a freelance journalist, and the illustrator and author of Mad Professor, published by Chronicle Books. (Web site)
  5. Mark Frauenfelder is a freelance writer and illustrator in Los Angeles.

Maxfield Parrish

  1. Maxfield Parrish is a fabulous artist so the prints in the calendar are beautiful to look at.
  2. Maxfield Parrish is a famous and popular American illustrator and painter.
  3. Maxfield Parrish is a highly recognized name in American art history.
  4. Maxfield Parrish is a perfect example of that.
  5. Maxfield Parrish is a rather underrated artist.

Michael Hague

  1. Michael Hague is a British illustrator who usually illustrates fairy tales and classics like Peter Pan.
  2. Michael Hague is one of America's foremost illustrators.
  3. Michael Hague is a student and works at Blackbird Coffee.
  4. Michael Hague is a well-known artist, who has done a variety of paintings.
  5. Michael Hague is a world leading story consultant, author and lecturer.

Precious Moments

  1. Precious Moments is a brand of products based on illustrations by artist Sam Butcher.
  2. Precious Moments is a lifestyle brand created by artist Sam Butcher. (Web site)
  3. Precious Moments is a prescious moments lifestyle brand created by artist Sam Butcher.
  4. Precious Moments is also the brand name for a series of giftware and collectibles licensed by Precious Moments, Inc (a.k.a.


  1. Superman is a comic book superhero, originally created by American writer Jerry Siegel and Canadian artist Joe Shuster and published by DC Comics. (Web site)
  2. For example, if the search results must contain the word "superman", search for +superman. (Web site)
  3. SUPERMAN: THE SUNDAY CLASSICS 1939-1943 is a 192-page softcover measuring approximately 12" x 9" (horizontal).
  4. Superman was again animated, this time for television, in the series " The New Adventures of Superman ". (Web site)
  5. Superman was relaunched by writer & artist John Byrne, initially in the limited series The Man of Steel (1986). (Web site)

Alberto Vargas

  1. The only other pin-up artist whose work was so prominently featured in these stories was Alberto Vargas, who had Esquire magazine behind him. (Web site)
  2. Esquire Magazine followed up in the 30’s by featuring illustrator George Petty and his “Petty Girls” and the beauties of Alberto Vargas.
  3. The image is based on one of illustrator Alberto Vargas' well known "Varga Girls", who decorated the sides of many aircraft in the 40's and 50's. (Web site)

Alexander Anderson

  1. Alexander Anderson is a Catholic and, apparently, a fundamentalist .
  2. Alexander Anderson is a Catholic priest and a member of the Vatican's super secret Iscariot Organization (which is part of or also known as Section 13).
  3. Alexander Anderson is a professional auto loan expert.
  4. Alexander Anderson is a tall man, standing around 6' 6" (he looks to be taller than Arucard).
  5. Alexander Anderson is a very complex person.

Al Buell

  1. Illustrations of pin-ups art, glamour art by the artist Al Buell.
  2. Bass' style was often compared with that of Elvgren, Al Buell, and Joyce Ballantyne.
  3. Especially gratifying to Gil was that two of his and Janet's closest friends, Al Buell and Thornton Utz, lived there with their families. (Web site)

Andrew Loomis

  1. Andrew Loomis is a master of his field.
  2. Andrew Loomis is a wonderful artist and teacher.


  1. The artist was soon asking the attractive young woman to pose for him, and she can be seen in several of his paintings, including Sleeping Beauty.
  2. The artist was well-known enough for a "Merlin Enabnit's No.


  1. Artists are always tweaking J'Onn's costume, and Mike Sekowsky even drew him with gloves in an early JLofA issue.
  2. Artists are promoted to art director after demonstrating artistic and leadership abilities.

Art Frahm

  1. Art Frahm (1907-1981) was an American painter of campy pin-up girls and advertising.
  2. By the early 1950s, when he joined the ranks of Art Frahm and Jules Erbit in painting glamour girls in gowns, he could hold his own with the best.
  3. It was Pike who took over for the legendary Art Frahm at the A.Fox Calendar Company. (Web site)

Barbara Nessim

  1. Barbara Nessim is an American artist, illustrator, and teacher. (Web site)
  2. Barbara Nessim is an internationally known artist, illustrator and educator.


  1. Boards are clean, bright with light surface rubbing.
  2. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are clean.
  3. Boards are straight, tips are pointed, spine is square and pages are otherwise clean.
  4. Boards are white vellum and green cloth with gilt lettering and decorations.
  5. The boards are fairly rubbed, with the joint starting, and edge-wear.


  1. Books are offered online subject to prior sale, and may be returned within 15 business days if not as described for full refund that includes shipping.
  2. Books are square and tightly bound; light bumping.
  3. The books are also known for their illustrations by Pauline Baynes.
  4. The books are coming out through HarperCollins, and they are handsome volumes.
  5. The books are pictorial versions of Tarzan of the Apes and of stories from Jungle Tales of Tarzan (collectively "the Books"). (Web site)

Bunny Carter

  1. In case you hadn't noticed, Bunny Carter has been proposed for deletion.
  2. Please search for Bunny Carter in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
  3. Start the Bunny Carter article or add a request for it.

Burne Hogarth

  1. Burne Hogarth is a great choice.
  2. Burne Hogarth is a great source, but be aware that he exagerates all of his forms.
  3. Burne Hogarth is a wonderful artist and that cannot be denied.


  1. Carter is a common English name and can be a given name or surname. (Web site)
  2. Carter was best known for his romantic illustrations for magazine stories. (Web site)

Charles Dana Gibson

  1. Charles Dana Gibson is a transitional figure.
  2. Charles Dana Gibson was a famous illustrator at the turn of the century. (Web site)


  1. A collection was discovered in 1987-88 just outside Allentown, Pennsylvania.
  2. The collection was purchased by the Historical Society from Audubon 's widow, Lucy Bakewell Audubon.
  3. The collection was removed from public display last summer for gallery renovation.


  1. A comic is based of a picture and words, often used inside word bubbles.
  2. The Comic is part of the Family section and this weekend sees the first of a strip, Cora’s Breakfast, which will run for the next six weekends.
  3. The comic was released by Top Shelf in 2005-2006 as a five-issue miniseries, and then collected as a trade paperback.


  1. Comics are about as low as they could possible go right now.
  2. Comics are changing fast, both in the kinds of stories they tell, and how their creators tell them.
  3. Comics are just too dark and gritty these days.
  4. Comics are not merely a collection of images, but a collection of images placed in deliberate - though not necessarily chronological - order.
  5. Comics are part of media, and the biggest macro- story---of which comics are a part---will be the continuing chnging face of media.


  1. The corners are bumped.
  2. The corners are rubbed & the covers show light soiling.
  3. The corners are slightly bumped and the spine slightly cocked.

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