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Tom Scholz

  1. Tom Scholz is a vegetarian musician -guitarist for Boston.
  2. Tom Scholz is a dare devil and even at an age close to 60, he is constantly involved in re-mastering the music that was created almost 3 decades back.
  3. Tom Scholz is a graduate engineer from MIT. He has had an exceptional career in both music and sound engineering.
  4. Tom Scholz is a great guitar player who wrote some songs that are still getting extensive airplay 30 years after they were written.
  5. Tom Scholz is a perfectionist and he takes a tremendous amount of time recording albums.

Jack Endino

  1. Jack Endino is a famous music producer residing in Seattle.


  1. Jay-Z is the richest hip hop Entertainer, having a net-worth estimate of $600 million.
  2. Jay-Z is the richest hip hop Entertainer (followed by 50 Cent), having a net-worth estimate of $600 million.
  3. Jay-Z is a part-owner of the New Jersey Nets NBA team paying a reported $4.5 million for his share. (Web site)
  4. Jay-Z is the first hip-hop artist to sign with Live Nation. (Web site)
  5. Jay-Z is the richest hip hop Entertainer (followed by Sean "Puffy" Combs, a.k.a.

Kanye West

  1. Kanye West is a record producer and rapper, who rose to fame in the early 2000's.
  2. Kanye West is a record producer and rapper from Atlanta, Georgia. (Web site)
  3. Kanye West is a famous American rapper that was born on June 8, 1977 in Atlanta, Georgia to Donda and Ray West. (Web site)
  4. Kanye West is a musical phenomenon.
  5. Kanye West is a record producer and rapper from Chicago, Illinois. (Web site)

Marvin Gaye

  1. Marvin Gaye is a multiple Grammy-winning American singer, songwriter, composer, multi-instrumentalist, and record producer.
  2. Marvin Gaye is one of the true great artists to emerge out of the Motown music scene that dominated the charts in the nineteen-sixties and seventies.
  3. Marvin Gaye was a very famous soul and R&B singer, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, record producer and arranger.
  4. Marvin Gaye was born on 2nd April, 1939 and died in 1984 after being shot by his father.
  5. Marvin Gaye was born the first son and second eldest of four children to Rev. (Web site)


  1. Orbison was a powerful influence on contemporaries such as The Beatles The Beatles were the most influential popular music group of the rock era.
  2. Orbison was a powerful influence on contemporaries such as The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. (Web site)
  3. Orbison was a powerful influence on contemporaries such as The Rolling Stones.
  4. Orbison was accompanied by a who's-who supporting cast organized by musical director T-Bone Burnett.
  5. Orbison was born in Vernon, the seat of Wilbarger County in north Texas Texas joined the United States of America as its 28th member state in 1845.


  1. Prince is a prolific artist, having released several hundred songs both under his own name and with other artists.
  2. Prince was able to do this thanks to a clause in his contract with Warner Bros.
  3. Prince was backed in the '80s by The Revolution, and in the '90s by the New Power Generation.
  4. Prince was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2004.
  5. Prince was married to dancer Mayte Garcia from 1996-99.

Snoop Dogg

  1. Snoop Dogg is an American rapper, record producer and occasional actor. (Web site)
  2. Snoop Dogg is a rapper (a musician who does hip hop music) and actor .
  3. Snoop Dogg is a hip-hop star who shot to fame after being a featured rapper on Dr. Dre 's 1992 album The Chronic .
  4. Snoop Dogg is a member of a local Crips gang in Long Beach .
  5. Snoop Dogg is a nephew of a few Gap Band members.

Steve Albini

  1. Steve Albini is a very impulsive producer, he can easily communicate with the artists to figure out what they really have in mind.
  2. Steve Albini is a guitarist, recording engineer, and occasional music writer. (Web site)
  3. Steve Albini is a pretty nerdy guy.
  4. Steve Albini is a singer, songwriter, guitarist, audio engineer and music journalist.
  5. Steve Albini is a well-known engineer as well as an equally well-known critic of major labels and the "music industry".


  1. Timberlake is one of the many special guests who joined forces with 50 for his June 26 release, Curtis. (Web site)
  2. Timberlake was a member of the 1990s boy band, 'N Sync, and was considered a teen idol.
  3. Timberlake was a member of the popular 1990s boy band, 'N Sync, and was considered a teen idol.


  1. Timbaland is a musician who was born on March 10, 1971.
  2. Timbaland is a respected hip-hop producer, rapper and R&B artist.
  3. Timbaland is a world-famous record producer, song writer, rapper and huge WWE fan.
  4. Timbaland is the greatest period.
  5. Timbaland is a very busy man these days.


  1. Akon was also in the car and was shot in the shoulder, however he made a full recovery.
  2. Akon was also recently honored by Cingular Wireless for being the top-selling ringtone artist ever. (Web site)
  3. Akon was born in St. Louis, Missouri instead of Senegal because his family didn't want him to go through the immigration process.
  4. Akon was born in the nation of Senegal.

Alex Chilton

  1. Alex Chilton is a great bridge between generations.


  1. Ritchie begs Tommy Allsup to give up his plane seat.
  2. Allsup used some of the original Texas Playboys on the last recording (McAuliffe, Shamblin, Dacus, Strickland).
  3. Sullivan having left the group, Buddy asked Tommy Allsup to play guitar at his sessions. (Web site)

Andrew Murdock

  1. Andrew Murdock, also known as Mudrock, is an American record producer specializing in the rock and metal genres.
  2. Wikipedia Andrew Murdock Mudrock redirects here, and is often used to refer to the sedimentary rock mudstone.


  1. Ashanti was born in Glen Cove, New York, also the hometown of author Thomas Pynchon.
  2. Ashanti was first featured as a background vocalist on rapper Big Pun 's song "How We Roll".
  3. Ashanti was first featured as a background vocalist on rapper Big Pun's song "How We Roll".
  4. Ashanti was hot and Gotti and crew decided to take advantage of it, pushing up the release of her album.
  5. Ashanti was living up to Murder Inc.'s motto--and "killing" with her music.


  1. BabyFace is a phenomenal Artist and "the Day" Is an outstanding follow up to cool.
  2. Babyface is a performer, too, with four solo albums and his own record label, the Atlanta-based LaFace.
  3. Babyface was again named Songwriter of the year by BMI.
  4. Babyface was also instrumental in forming the popular late-90's R&B group, Az Yet.
  5. Babyface was applauded for bringing the strength and empowerment of the film's characters into the music on the soundtrack. (Web site)

Bob Gaudio

  1. Bob Gaudio is a genius and Frankie Valli has the voice of an angel.
  2. Bob Gaudio is a part I would love to play some day, and I think you do an excellent job with it.

Bob Montgomery

  1. Bob Montgomery was songwriting partner and best friend of Buddy Holly, performing together as the duo 'Buddy and Bob'.
  2. Bob Montgomery was songwriting partner and best friend of Buddy Holly, performing together as the duo 'Buddy and Bob' in their home town of Lubbock in Texas. (Web site)
  3. Bob Montgomery is a continuing sponsor for the Marlins.
  4. Bob Montgomery is a licensed pilot and an avid model railroader and golfer.
  5. Bob Montgomery is a sole practitioner in Lakewood, Colorado.

Brian Holland

  1. Along with Brian Holland, Dozier served as the team's musical arranger and producer.
  2. Brian Holland remains today an active and legendary producer and songwriter. (Web site)
  3. With a degree in finance from Old Dominion University in 1993, Brian Holland began his career in the mortgage industry. (Web site)

Brian Mcknight

  1. Brian McKnight is a Grammy- nominated singer, songwriter, arranger, producer and musician.

Brian Morgan

  1. Brian Morgan is a Chicago artist, living and working in the area since 1999. (Web site)
  2. Brian Morgan is a prospector of sorts.
  3. Brian Morgan is a snooker player from England .
  4. Brian Morgan is a strength and conditioning specialist (CSCS) and massage therapist.
  5. Brian Morgan is a strength and conditioning specialist and massage therapist.

Brian Wilson

  1. Brian Wilson is a fourth generation potter.
  2. Brian Wilson is a listening experience.
  3. Brian Wilson is a politics lecturer and a member of Greenpeace and Friends of the Earth .
  4. Brian Wilson is a stunning reminder of what pop's been missing all these years.
  5. Brian Wilson is a vastly different man today than he was when he left the music unfinished.

Bruce Kimmel

  1. Bruce Kimmel is a piece of shit.
  2. Bruce Kimmel is a wonderful and kind gentlemen and so glad I had the opportunity to finally meet him.
  3. Bruce Kimmel is a member of the Norwalk Board of Education and is a former president of the city---s Common Council.


  1. Buddy was full of ideas and plans for the future, including an album of Ray Charles material and a trip to England. (Web site)
  2. Buddy was himself on guitar, Tommy Allsup on lead guitar, George Atwood on bass and Glen "Bo" Clark on drums.
  3. Buddy was named after his grandfathers.
  4. Buddy was to cut only vocals. (Web site)


  1. Carey is a philanthropist A philanthropist is someone who devotes her or his time, money, or effort towards helping others.
  2. Carey is a philanthropist who has donated time and money to organizations such as the Fresh Air Fund.
  3. Carey was named the best selling female pop artist of the millennium at the 2000 World Music Awards. (Web site)
  4. Carey was one of several musicians who appeared in the independently produced Damon Dash films Death of a Dynasty (2003) and State Property 2 (2005).


  1. Cher was 19 years old, Sonny 30. (Web site)
  2. Cher is a major contributor to, a charity that provides helmet upgrade kits to troops at no cost to them.
  3. Cher is also the only female artist to have solo Top 10 hits in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. (Web site)
  4. Cher is the rare singer that has been recording long enough tobe able to update and cover her own songs.
  5. Cher was in London, England in January 1998 when a call from daughter Chastity brought news of Sonny Bono's death in a skiing accident.[21] He was 62. (Web site)

Chris Walla

  1. Chris Walla is a commercial entity in a multibillion -dollar industry." This hasn't stopped Walla from continuing to talk to the press about it though.
  2. Chris Walla is a commercial entity in a multibillion-dollar industry.
  3. Chris Walla is a man of great diplomacy.
  4. Chris Walla is a popular chap.
  5. Chris Walla is a talented guy.


  1. Clarkson was also actress for several B-movies.
  2. Clarkson was found dead, her body slumped in a chair, at Spector's Alhambra home Feb.
  3. Clarkson was working as a hostess at Hollywood's House of Blues and went home from there with Spector the night she was killed on February 3, 2003.

Clint Black

  1. Clint Black is a Country Music traditionalist from Texas and was one of the first artists to kick-start the mass-market popularity of Country in the 1990s. (Web site)
  2. Clint Black is a country-style musician, born in Texas.
  3. Clint Black is a popular Country Music singer, songwriter, producer and occasional actor who has had numerous #1 hits throughout his career.
  4. Clint Black is a profound, not to mention prolific, songwriter.
  5. Clint Black was the first artist in any genre to have five #1 hits from his debut album.

Cordell Jackson

  1. Cordell Jackson was an American guitarist thought to be the first woman to produce, engineer, arrange and promote music on her own rock and roll music label.
  2. Just mention the name "Cordell Jackson" to most folks and you'll draw a blank. (Web site)


  1. The Crickets were also one of the first rock acts to effectively use overdubbing. (Web site)
  2. The Crickets were not simply back-up musicians.

Dan Hartman

  1. Dan Hartman was a man of great talent, and not fully recognised by the general public. (Web site)

David Axelrod

  1. David Axelrod is a record producer.
  2. David Axelrod is a great example of how political campaigns SHOULD be organized and run.
  3. David Axelrod is a man beloved of beat-diggers everywhere.
  4. David Axelrod is a senior strategist for Obama.

Don Dixon

  1. Don Dixon is a co-founder of Trident Capital and has been a Managing Director since 1993.
  2. Don Dixon is a photographer that lives in Toronto, Canada (not 40mins from my home).
  3. Don Dixon is a record producer , songwriter, musician, bassist , and very occasional actor.
  4. Don Dixon is a record producer, songwriter, musician, bassist, and very occasional actor, originally from North Carolina. (Web site)
  5. Don Dixon is a record producer, songwriter, performing artist, bassist for hire and very occasional actor, originally from North Carolina .

Don Was

  1. Using the stage name "Don Was", he formed the group Was (Not Was), which found commercial success in the 1980s. (Web site)
  2. Using the stage name "Don Was", he formed the group Was (Not Was), which made several albums in the 1980s before disbanding in 1993. (Web site)


  1. Dreamgirls is a 2006 American musical film jointly produced and released by DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures.
  2. Dreamgirls is a 2006 American musical film, directed by Bill Condon and jointly produced and released by DreamWorks Pictures and Paramount Pictures.
  3. Dreamgirls was the first DreamWorks film to be issued in a high definition home entertainment format.


  1. Dylan was all red from the blood of his birth.
  2. Dylan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988.
  3. Dylan was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in January 1988.
  4. Dylan was listed as one of TIME Magazine's 100 most influential people of the 20th century.


  1. Elliott was originally known as Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott and sometimes with only one "t".
  2. Elliott was originally known by as Missy "Misdemeanor" Elliott.


  1. Englewood is part of New Jersey's 37th Legislative District and is in the Ninth Congressional District.
  2. Englewood is the home to a number of private schools. (Web site)


  1. The family is a large one, with hundreds of members. (Web site)
  2. The family was breaking up in the face of its hardships. (Web site)
  3. The family was lower middle class. (Web site)
  4. The family was poor but close-knit, and Robinson spent his youth writing songs and singing in local bands.
  5. The family was very musical and owned three pianos.

Felix Da Housecat

  1. Felix da Housecat is a House music DJ and record producer.

Glen Ballard

  1. Glen Ballard is a record producer and songwriter who plays both the piano and guitar. (Web site)


  1. Gordy was brought up in a tight-knit family with strong morals. (Web site)
  2. Gordy was highly suspected, though never proven, to have used Mafia-backed loans to finance Motown during its later years.
  3. Gordy was the seventh of eight children born to the middle class family of Berry Gordy, Sr. (Web site)

Green Day

  1. Green Day is an American rock band formed in 1987.
  2. Green Day was originally part of the punk rock scene at 924 Gilman Street in Berkeley, California.


  1. Hi-Tek is an American hip hop producer from Cincinnati, Ohio.


  1. Holland-Dozier-Holland are mentioned (along with the Four Tops The Four Tops are an American musical group, who helped define the Motown sound of the 1960's.
  2. Holland-Dozier-Holland is a songwriting A songwriter is someone who writes either the lyrics or the music for songs.
  3. Holland-Dozier-Holland was Motown Record's leading songwriting production team of the early to mid 1960's 'Golden Age'.

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