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Sergei Tchepikov

  1. Sergei Tchepikov is a survivor.
  2. Sergei Tchepikov was again the best Russian ranking 11th (1 0 1 0).
  3. Sergei Tchepikov was the best collecting a total of 84 points (4th place in the Individual, 24th in the Sprint, 5th in the Mass Start).
  4. Sergei Tchepikov was the best Russian ranking 6th (0 1).

Eirik Kvalfoss

  1. At the 1984 Olympics in Sarajevo, he won a silver medal with the Norwegian relay team consisting of Kjell S--bak, Odd Lirhus, and Eirik Kvalfoss.
  2. Eirik Kvalfoss (born December 25, 1959) is a former biathlete from Voss, Norway.


  1. Biathletes are not awarded points for relays.


  1. Biathlon - The biathlon event of the XX Olympic Winter Games will be held at San Sicario,a locality that is part of the Town of Cesana Torinese.
  2. Biathlon is a sport that captures the attention and imagination of every-one who sees it.
  3. Biathlon is a sport that captures the attention and imagination of everyone who sees it.
  4. Biathlon is a term used to describe any sporting event made up of two disciplines.
  5. Biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting.

Albina Akhatova

  1. Albina Akhatova was second for Russia with a deficit of 12.7 seconds.
  2. Albina Akhatova was the best Russian ranking only 9th (2 0 0 0).
  3. Albina Akhatova was the only athlete from another country in top 5 of this race (4th place).

Alexander Popov

  1. Alexander Popov is a four-times Olympic Gold medalist and dominated sprint swimming throughout the 1990s.
  2. Alexander Popov is a up and coming Trance producer from Russia.
  3. Alexander Popov is a versatile musician.
  4. Alexander Popov is an exceptional athlete.
  5. Alexander Popov was born in 1970 in Moscow.

Alexander Tikhonov

  1. Alexander Tikhonov was a Soviet biathlete who won team gold in four straight winter Olympics, from 1968-1980, and an individual silver in 1968.

Andrea Henkel

  1. An exclusive look into the lives of German biathletes, with the superstars Kati Wilhelm, Magdalena Neuner, and Andrea Henkel.
  2. Sie nimmt den Platz von Andrea Henkel (Gro--breitenbach) ein, die wegen eines grippalen Infekts auf einen Start verzichten muss.
  3. Andrea Henkel, Kati Wilhelm und Martina Glagow kamen im Gesamtweltcup auf die Plätze drei bis fünf.

Anna Bogaliy-Titovets

  1. Anna Bogaliy-Titovets won at this track at the trial Olympics in 2005, when she finished in a time of 50:47.9 with one penalty minute.
  2. Russia's Svetlana Ishmuratova and Anna Bogaliy-Titovets, for instance, will join the team a bit latter.

Antje Harvey

  1. Antje Harvey (born May 10, 1967 in Magdeburg, as Antje Misersky) is a former German cross country skier and biathlete.
  2. For her refusal to take part in the systematic doping in the GDR Antje Harvey received the Heidi-Krieger-Medal in 1995 in Berlin.
  3. Antje Harvey lopetti uransa voitettuaan 1995 MM-kultaa viestiss--.


  1. Bjoerndalen is the best in the world, and Norway has the best team.
  2. Bjoerndalen was exceptional, but his rivals made it easier on him by faltering badly.
  3. Bjoerndalen was looking for a second gold after winning the men's pursuit on Sunday.
  4. Bjoerndalen was one of seven skiers who didn't miss a target.
  5. Bjoerndalen was the 10 th in 10km free style race, losing 41 seconds to the winner French Vincent Vittoz, when Andresen was only 24-th with 1min 13sec.

Carolyn Treacy

  1. Carolyn Treacy is a member of the Biathlon team.
  2. Carolyn Treacy is a skiing, shooting example of that.
  3. Carolyn Treacy is an athlete from Minnesota, USA. She has been nominated for the 2006 Winter Olympics biathlon team.
  4. Carolyn Treacy was the first leg, and entered the range first, closely followed by Germany, Belarus, and Russia.

Ekaterina Dafovska

  1. The pursuit could be won by the Bulgarian leader of the world cup total score, Ekaterina Dafovska, being in lead by 28.2 seconds on Martina Glagow.
  2. She was followed by Ekaterina Dafovska of Bulgaria and Zubrilova, tied at 80.
  3. She was 19 seconds ahead of Martina Glagow and 22.4 ahead of World Cup leader Ekaterina Dafovska of Bulgaria.

Frank Luck

  1. Frank Luck (b December 5, 1967 in Schmalkalden) is a former German biathlete.
  2. German biathletes Frank Luck and Sven Fischer are brothers-in-law.
  3. Russian Pavel Rostovtsen and German Frank Luck have closed the gap at the top this season, along with France's Raphael Poiree.

Frank Ullrich

  1. Frank Ullrich (born 24 January 1958 in Trusetal) is a German former biathlete and current trainer of the German national team.
  2. He trained with the WSV Oberhof club, and was coached by Frank Ullrich and Fritz Fischer (national coaches) and Klaus Siebert (club coach).
  3. Last check: 2007-11-07) Last weekend Frank Ullrich complained about the organisation of doping test etc here in Hochfilzen.

Frode Andresen

  1. Frode Andresen is a Norwegian biathlete and a cross-country skier born in Rotterdam on September 9, 1973.
  2. Frode Andresen is a Norwegian biathlete born in H--nefoss on 9 September 1973.
  3. Frode Andresen was not selected for any teams and will train on his own.
  4. Frode Andresen was the 5th, and Raphael Poiree came the 15th.

German Biathletes

  1. Like most German biathletes she is also a member of the German Armed Forces ( Bundeswehr) with the rank of sergeant ( Hauptfeldwebel).
  2. Airnergy is the official supplier to the German biathletes.
  3. An exclusive look into the lives of German biathletes, with the superstars Kati Wilhelm, Magdalena Neuner, and Andrea Henkel.

Halvard Hanevold

  1. Norway also won the bronze medal, with Halvard Hanevold beating Sergei Tchepikov by 0.8 seconds despite two penalty minutes to the Russian's one.
  2. Halvard Hanevold, n-- le 3 d--cembre 1969 -- Askim), est un biathl--te norv--gien.
  3. Halvard Hanevold is ----n van de meest succesvolle biatleten uit de negentiger jaren en tevens in de eerste jaren van de 21e eeuw.

Heikki Ikola

  1. Heikki Ikola (born September 9, 1947 in Jurva) is a former Finnish biathlete.
  2. He also won the sprint title in 1977 and 1981 Heikki Ikola - (ur.
  3. He also won the sprint title in 1977 and 1981 Heikki Ikola (f--dt 9.

Jeremy Teela

  1. Jeremy Teela is a 2002 Winter Olympic hopeful for the USA in the biathlon.
  2. Jeremy Teela was 23rd and Lawton Redman was 52nd.
  3. Jeremy Teela was 23rd and Lawton Redman was 52th.
  4. Jeremy Teela was so far behind at the halfway point of the 20km biathlon race yesterday that he gave up all hope of a respectable showing.
  5. Jeremy Teela was the final US starter, at number 98.

Maxim Tchoudov

  1. Maxim Tchoudov is the best Russian biathlete ranking 8th with 278 points.
  2. Maxim Tchoudov is the best Russian ranking 10th.
  3. Maxim Tchoudov is the best biathlete among Russians today: he ranked 8th with one error.
  4. Maxim Tchoudov was perfect in the prone but had to run four penalty loops after the standing stance.
  5. Maxim Tchoudov was the best Russian ranking 9th with 4 misses (two in the first prone and two in the last standing stance).


  1. Mayer was banished from the Olympics over allegations of blood doping at the 2002 Olympics in Salt Lake City.
  2. Mayer was banned from all Olympic activities up to and including the next winter Games in Vancouver in four years- time.
  3. Mayer was banned from the Olympics for 10 years during the 2002 Salt Lake City Games.
  4. Mayer was banned from the Torino Games and the 2010 Games in Vancouver after blood transfusion materials were found at the Salt Lake City Games.
  5. Mayer was banned from the Turin Games and the 2010 Games in Vancouver after blood transfusion materials were found at the Salt Lake City Games.


  1. Norway are fourth in the relay, but the biathletes arn't awarded any points for the relays.
  2. Norway was 16.5 seconds behind and Russia was third, 17.0 seconds back.
  3. Norway was elated after poor performances by the men in Kiruna and Kuusamo.
  4. Norway was fourth in the relay.
  5. Norway was in second with 16 total Medals, and the U.S. was third, five behind Germany with 13 Medals overall.

Svetlana Ishmuratova

  1. Svetlana Ishmuratova is the best Russian biathlete ranking 6th with 466 points.
  2. Svetlana Ishmuratova is the best Russian ranking 4th with 285 points.
  3. Svetlana Ishmuratova is the best Russian, ranking third (242 points).
  4. Svetlana Ishmuratova was the best Russian with 15th rank (1 2 0 0).
  5. Svetlana Ishmuratova was the best athlete among Russians.


  1. Wilhelm was 9.9 seconds back.
  2. Wilhelm was precise in her shooting, making 10-of-10 on the Soldier Hollow target range and finishing with a time of 20 minutes, 41.4 seconds.
  3. Wilhelm was precise in her shooting, making 10-of-10 on the Soldier Hollow target range.
  4. Wilhelm was second into the standing shoot, but struggled with the rifle and finished sixth after two penalty loops.
  5. Wilhelm was second with 138.

Alexander Wolf

  1. Alexander Wolf (Germany) tops the ranks with 220 points.
  2. That's why Nikolay Kruglov started his leg 3,4 seconds behind Alexander Wolf.
  3. At the end Ivan was 1:17,8 minutes behind the winner of the race German biathlete Alexander Wolf.


  1. Andrea is a very good skier so to finish second to her I should not be disappointed.
  2. Andrea was a three time Gold Medalist at the Junior World Championships and she has become an internationally competitive senior on the German Biathlon Team.
  3. Andrea was able to confirm her upwards-trend with two penalty loops and place twelve.
  4. Andrea was on place 29 in the end.

Anfisa Reztsova

  1. La Russie b--n--ficie d'un important vivier de talents r--guli--rement r--compens--s parmi lesquelles Anfisa Reztsova, Svetlana Ishmouratova ou Olga Pyleva.
  2. Anfisa Reztsova (n--e le 16 d--cembre 1964) est une ancienne fondeuse et biathl--te russe.

Ann-Elen Skjelbreid

  1. Ann-Elen Skjelbreid, n--e le 13 septembre 1971, est une biathl--te norv--gienne.
  2. Ann-Elen Skjelbreid har ogs-- en NM-tittel i langrenn fra 1995, da hun var med p-- stafettlaget som tok gull p-- 3 x 5 km stafett for Trysilgutten IL.
  3. Ann-Elen Skjelbreid (born September 13, 1971) is a former Norwegian biathlete from the H--landsdal area in the Norwegian municipality of Fusa.

Ann Kristin Flatland

  1. Ann Kristin Flatland debuted in the World Cup in 2003 in the Finnish Kontiolahti, where she came in 56th in the sprint event.
  2. Ann Kristin Flatland debuterte i verdenscupen i 2003 i finske Kontiolahti, der hun kom p-- 56.
  3. She represented Norway at the World Championship 2005, in Hochfilzen and came 22nd in the sprint and 37th in the pursuit (en) Ann Kristin Flatland (* 6.

Anna Carin Olofsson

  1. Anna Carin Olofsson drong pas op late leeftijd door tot de wereldtop in het biatlon.
  2. Anna Carin Olofsson kam im Jahr 2003 zum Biathlon, nachdem sie zuvor als Langl--uferin aktiv war.
  3. Anna Carin Olofsson Il suo punto di forza e' la componente fondo.

Austrian Biathletes

  1. Around the time of the raid Mayer and two Austrian biathletes, Wolfgang Perner and Wolfgang Rottmann, tried to escape and fled back to Austria.
  2. On Saturday night, the Italian police raided five residences in the Alps where Austrian biathletes and cross-country skiers were staying.
  3. Now, in Torino 2006, I was prepared to sabotage the Austrian biathletes and take my place among the Rogowsky greats.


  1. Clegg was eighth.
  2. Clegg was one of 115 starters in the field that had to battle significantly deteriorating conditions in Sweden.
  3. Clegg was one of 115 starters in the field that had to battle significantly deteriorating conditions.


  1. Conditions were forecast to be even colder the next day.
  2. Conditions were not much fun, very wind minus 10 degrees.
  3. Conditions were perfect.
  4. The conditions were not that easy today, in any case: deep snow and a difficult course.

Corinne Niogret

  1. Ses principales adversaires se nomment Liv Grete Poir--e (octuple championne du monde) ou Corinne Niogret (15 m--dailles mondiales).
  2. Elle se paye m--me le luxe de devancer sa compatriote Corinne Niogret et la Su--doise Magdalena Forsberg, qui dominent alors le circuit.
  3. I am a fan of Raphael Poiree and Pavel Rostovtsev in the men, Corinne Niogret and Olena Zubrilova in the women.

David Leoni

  1. David Leoni, of Camrose, Alta., finished as the top Canuck in the men's pursuit race.
  2. Competing alongside Clegg will be a group of Canadians that includes David Leoni and Jean-Philippe LeGuellec.
  3. Burke opened by winning the Men---s 10K Sprint in 26:19, over the top Canadian men, David Leoni and Robin Clegg.


  1. The differences are in the distance covered (slightly longer) and the start format (as the name suggests, all competitors begin at the same time).
  2. The differences are in the distance covered and the start format .


  1. Disl was only 0.7 seconds back of Koukleva.
  2. Disl was perfect on her first shooting stage, and Germany didn't trail again.
  3. Disl was the fastest skier on the course, and when she gave way to Henkel, Germany was back in front by 21.2 seconds.

Egil Gjelland

  1. Egil Gjelland is a carpenter by trade.

Ekaterina Ivanova

  1. Ekaterina Ivanova is a 19-year-old cocktail waitress who "stole" Rolling Stones guitarist Ron Wood from his wife, Jo Wood, of 23 years.
  2. Ekaterina Ivanova is a stunning 20 year old woman, and Jo Wood and Ronnie Wood have been married longer than that - 23 years.

Eva Korpela

  1. Eva Korpela is a former Swedish biathlete, world champion and world cup winner.


  1. Finland are sending a men's curling team to the Olympics[6], the same team which finished fifth at the 2005 Ford World Men's Curling Championship.
  2. Finland was a surprising second in the girl's events.

Florence Baverel-Robert

  1. Day 6 - February 16 Biathlon Florence Baverel-Robert of France wins the women's biathlon 7.5 km sprint.
  2. Florence Baverel-Robert jest zawodowym --o--nierzem.
  3. Second and thirs places were occupied by French biathletes Sandrine Bailly and Florence Baverel-Robert respectively.

Friedrich Pinter

  1. Austria's Friedrich Pinter crossed the line 30.2 seconds back to claim the bronze medal.
  2. Han vann sprintt--vlingen, 10 kilometer, en halv minut f--re landsmannen Halvard Hanevold och --sterrikaren Friedrich Pinter.

Fritz Fischer

  1. Fritz Fischer was one of Frankfurt Germany's prominent artists in the mid 1900's.

Gunn Margit Andreassen

  1. Hij woont in H--nefoss samen met de Noorse biatlete Gunn Margit Andreassen.
  2. Under difficult conditions she won with a faultless shooting in front of Olena Zubrilova and Gunn Margit Andreassen.
  3. Liv Grete impressed everyone with her third victory in a line and won with almost 1 minutes margin on Gunn Margit Andreassen.


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