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Bebel Gilberto

  1. Bebel Gilberto is the daughter of Joao Gilberto, the man even Antonio Carolos Jobim credited with the invention of bossa nova.


  1. Portuguese is the official language of Brasil.
  2. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil.
  3. Portuguese is the official language of Brazil, although Brazilians have adopted many words and phrases from native and immigrant languages.
  4. Portuguese is a Romance language, similar in some ways to Spanish, and is spoken by about 200 million people worldwide. (Web site)
  5. Portuguese is the official language and nearly universal; English is widely taught as a second language. (Web site)

Brazilian Music

  1. Brazilian music is a natural but extraordinary result of centuries of intercultural confrontations and matings (the Portuguese arrived without wives). (Web site)
  2. Brazilian music is for sale in many of the larger music stores in the section called World Music. (Web site)
  3. Brazilian music was always more baroque than American music. (Web site)


  1. Music is the soul of Brazil and dance is an expression of what is in the soul of Brazil.
  2. The music is a delight.
  3. The music was exactly what Walt needed.
  4. The music was mostly samba but songs sounded like cuban son or bolero.
  5. The music was really great, though.


  1. The movie is like a prize for Brazilians because the world is recognizing our art and our artists. (Web site)
  2. The movie was a hit and a sequel was made the following year.
  3. The movie was adapted by Marcos Bernstein and Jo--o Emanuel Carneiro from a story by Walter Salles .


  1. Football is the national sport with big games at Maracana stadium. (Web site)
  2. Football is the subject, but also the form of the production.

Abdias Do Nascimento

  1. Abdias do Nascimento was a pioneer in the struggle against racial discrimination.

Ademir Da Guia

  1. Ademir da Guia is a councilman for the city of S--o Paulo, Brazil.
  2. Ademir da Guia was son of Domingos da Guia, who played in the Brazilian defense of the 1938 World Cup. (Web site)

Adriana Calcanhotto

  1. Adriana Calcanhotto is a rare musical gem, indeed, who mixes the pure poetry and music like no other artist.

Airto Moreira

  1. Airto Moreira was born in 1941 in the small village of Itaiopolis - south Brasil, and was raised in Curitiba. (Web site)
  2. Airto Moreira was born in Itaiopolis, Brazil, and raised in Curitiba and S--o Paulo.


  1. The album was also nominated for two Latin Grammy Awards.
  2. The album is an LP, but the running time is short as if it is a 10-inch album, with 23 minutes.
  3. The album was arranged by Egberto Gismonti, Wagner Tiso, C--sar-Camargo-Mariano, and Jaques Morelenbaum and recreates her greatest hits.
  4. The album was kept unreleased until 1982 and it is a unique Elis Performance that zecalouro is making available to Loronixers.
  5. The album was named after the mysterious quote from DM's Black Celebration back sleeve: "Life in the So Called Space Age".


  1. Amyr was born in S--o Paulo, to a lebanese father and a swedish mother.
  2. Amyr was in love with his precious boat, the Paraty, especially constructed for the trip, which, of course, naturally followed the ocean currents. (Web site)

Amyr Klink

  1. Sailor Amyr Klink, the son of a Lebanese father and a Swedish mother, is one of those deep-gazing, clear-thinking men.
  2. But the sadness of solitude for Amyr Klink was quite different. (Web site)
  3. A first study is ready, and solutions to the obstacles are beginning to sail, with serene precision, around Amyr Klink's head.

Andreas Kisser

  1. Andreas Kisser is a good guitar player and showed to be now the band's brain, along with Igor Cavelera, amazing as usual. (Web site)

Arnaldo Baptista

  1. Arnaldo Baptista is a key figure in Brazilian rock .


  1. The arrangements are classy, ornate, spare and jazzy.
  2. The arrangements are dynamic, the vocals are fresh, and the special appearances by the honored composers do add a special treat to this fantastic release.
  3. The arrangements are in charge of Luiz Eca and regency by Mario Tavares.
  4. The arrangements are perfectly crafted for Gal Costa's voice.
  5. The arrangements are simple and very true to the original renditions.

Artur Azevedo

  1. André Antoine no Brasil: a polêmica com Artur Azevedo.
  2. A name of great importance to the theater of this phase is the playwright Artur Azevedo (1855-1908). (Web site)
  3. On July 27 of that same year he presents his first concert, in his native city, São Luís, at Teatro Artur Azevedo.

Ary Barroso

  1. Immediately noticed by Ary Barroso, he launched his "Faceira," which became Caldas' first recorded hit.
  2. Ary Barroso felt that this term diminished the value of samba.
  3. The political side of Ary Barroso Chamberlain, Hitler, Carmen, and the mixed salad. (Web site)

Astrud Gilberto

  1. Astrud Gilberto is a great perfomer.
  2. Astrud Gilberto is a perfect match for this series.
  3. Astrud Gilberto was born Astrud Weinert the daughter of a Brazilian mother and a German father in the state of Bahia, and grew up in Rio de Janeiro.
  4. Astrud Gilberto was the lady in the right place and with the right husband, sure.


  1. Azevedo is a common surname in the Portuguese language, namely in Portugal and Brazil. (Web site)
  2. Azevedo is also a common surname in the Portuguese language, namely in Portugal and Brazil.
  3. Azevedo was largely influenced by the poetry of Lord Byron. (Web site)


  1. The band was formed by the two Baptista brothers, Arnaldo (bass, keyboards) and S--rgio (guitar). (Web site)
  2. The band was his earliest chance to express the influences of The Beatles, The Stones and Bowie.

Bob Burnquist

  1. Bob Burnquist is a complete alien.
  2. Bob Burnquist is a famous Brazilian skateboarder, born in Sao Paulo on October 10, 1976. (Web site)
  3. Bob Burnquist is a famous Brazilian skateboarder. (Web site)
  4. Bob Burnquist is a native Brazilian and is another awesome pro skateboarder. (Web site)
  5. Bob Burnquist is a vegetarian and prides himself on eating healthy. (Web site)

Bossa Nova

  1. Bossa Nova was established and happening, it had regionalist variants, including a strong protest music component.
  2. Bossa Nova is the origin of integrated world music—one sure to be recognized from Manhattan to Manaus, Paris to Parsippany, Tokyo to Toledo. (Web site)
  3. Bossa nova was influenced by samba and North American music, particularly jazz.
  4. Bossa nova was modern and intellectual and became internationally popular. (Web site)
  5. The bossa nova was modern.

Carlinhos Brown

  1. Carlinhos Brown is a Brazilian singer, composer, multi-instrumentalist and creator of Timbalada.
  2. Carlinhos Brown is a genius, his music stirs the soul and inspires the mind. (Web site)
  3. Carlinhos Brown is a master of disguises.
  4. Carlinhos Brown is a platinum star and a household name in Brazil.

Carlos Lacerda

  1. Carlos Lacerda e os anos sessenta: oposi--o.
  2. Ap-s tensa vota--o, Carlos Lacerda foi favorecido por uma diferen-a de 12 votos.
  3. Crônica de uma época (de 1850 ao atentado contra Carlos Lacerda); Getúlio Vargas e o crime de Toneleros.

Carlos Lyra

  1. Carlos Lyra is a Brazilian musician and composer of numerous bossa nova classics.
  2. Carlos Lyra is a Brazilian singer and composer of numerous bossa nova and M--sica Popular Brasileira classics. (Web site)
  3. Carlos Lyra is one of the founders of Bossa Nova.
  4. Carlos Lyra is one of the most important musicians of bosanova.
  5. Carlos Lyra was born in Rio de Janeiro on May 11 th, 1936 into a middle class family with a penchant for music. (Web site)


  1. Cazuza is a True brazilian legend.
  2. Cazuza was now in great demand and had competing offers from several record labels. (Web site)


  1. Choro is an instrumental form dating back to the late 19th-early 20th century, sort of a Brazilian ragtime.
  2. Choro is the most obviously Portuguese-derived style still being played in Brazil is Choro (sobbing or crying). (Web site)
  3. Choro was usually instrumental and improvised, frequently including solo s by virtuoso s.
  4. Choro was usually instrumental and improvised, frequently including solos by virtuosos.

Clarice Lispector

  1. Clarice Lispector : a bio-bibliography. (Web site)
  2. Clarice Lispector : a narracao do indizivel. (Web site)

Cora Coralina

  1. Caramuru retract "Cora Coralina's house !" She was a great writer and poetry.
  2. Goi--s is the city of Cora Coralina alive.


  1. Costa is a place and family name.
  2. Costa is also a Greek first name.
  3. Costa is also a surname in Italy: Lorenzo Costa, Italian painter.
  4. Costa is the technical name for a rib.

Daniella Cicarelli

  1. Daniella Cicarelli is a Brazilian model and TV hostess.
  2. Daniella Cicarelli was born on November 6, 1978, into a traditional but fiery Italian family in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Daniella Sarahyba

  1. Daniella Sarahyba is a sexy Brazilian supermodel, who became famous after her 3 back-to-back appearances in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition.
  2. Daniella Sarahyba was a model child.

Deborah Colker

  1. Deborah Colker is a worldwide famous Brazilian dancer and choreographer.


  1. Deputies are elected for four years by a system of proportional representation. (Web site)
  2. Deputies are elected for four-year terms by direct secret ballot under the system (adopted for all elections for public office) of universal franchise.
  3. The deputies are allocated among the states according to population, and each territory elects one deputy.

Dorival Caymmi

  1. Dorival Caymmi is a person who has his own guitar sound. (Web site)
  2. Dorival Caymmi is a real giant in terms of building harmonies and lyrics that give us that feeling that one cannot survive without the other.
  3. Dorival Caymmi is a singer-songwriter who has captured the soul of Bahia in his beautiful songs, which are among Brazil's most beloved standards. (Web site)
  4. Dorival Caymmi was one of samba's early songwriters, along with Ary Barroso, Cartola, and Noel Rosa. (Web site)


  1. Drums are the soul of Samba and are always palpable, even when not physically in the mix. (Web site)
  2. The drums are considered sacred, and the drummer plays a very important role in the rituals. (Web site)

Edu Lobo

  1. Edu Lobo is the most important musician of the so-called second Bossa Nova generation.


  1. Elections are based on a complex system of proportional representation by states.
  2. Elections are staggered so that two-thirds of the upper house is up for election at one time and the remaining one-third four years later.
  3. The elections were marked by unanimous condemnation of Jos-- Sarney, with all candidates trying to keep distance from him. (Web site)


  1. Elis was born to relatively poor parents in Porto Alegre, a city located in the south of Brazil.
  2. Elis was often a controversial public figure.
  3. Elis was one of the first to cover his tunes in the 1960's. (Web site)
  4. Elis was one of the most well-loved entertainers in her country's history.
  5. Elis was probably the greatest Brazilian female vocalist ever.

Elisa Kauffman

  1. Please search for Elisa Kauffman in Wikipedia to check for alternative titles or spellings.
  2. This encyclopedia, history, geography and biography article about Elisa Kauffman contains research on Elisa Kauffman.

Ellen Rocche

  1. Ellen Rocche is a Brazilian hot model.
  2. Ellen Rocche is a Brazilian model from Sao Paulo who became famous performing songs in a tv show called Qual -- a m--sica. (Web site)

Ernesto Geisel

  1. Ernesto Geisel was President from 1974 to 1979 and is continuing under his successor, Gen. (Web site)
  2. Ernesto Geisel was the fourth general to serve a term as president of Brazil during the so-called Military Republic (1964-1985).

Eurico Gaspar Dutra

  1. Assumed the presidency of Brazil in 1945-1946, between the deposition of Get--lio Dornelles Vargas and the oath of Eurico Gaspar Dutra.
  2. General Eurico Gaspar Dutra, Vargas's own choice, won the presidential election in December 1945; Vargas himself was elected to the Senate.
  3. General Eurico Gaspar Dutra was elected president and served from 1946 to 1951.

Fernanda Montenegro

  1. She is the daughter of the Oscar-nominated actress Fernanda Montenegro and the director Fernando Torres. (Web site)
  2. She recently had a guest appearance in the movie O Redentor - which also stars Fernanda Montenegro, a Brazilian actress who happens to be Louise's idol.
  3. Fernanda Montenegro is fabulous as Dora, a single woman who lives her life for herself.

Fernanda Tavares

  1. Fernanda Tavares is a Brazilian model who takes part in the Brazilian invasion of international modeling in the fashion world.
  2. Fernanda Tavares is the hottest Brazilian model in the world and holds the title after skyrocketing through the modeling ranks.

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